De-aging Potion


Alters age of drinker



Preparation Time

Up to an hour




The De-aging Potion was taught by Professor Hecate Lafay during Term 26. The potion will physically alter the age of the caster, although they will retain their mental acuity and age.


  • 1 gallon of goat's milk
  • 1 tsp of crushed Yellow Moonstone
  • 2 lacewing flies
  • 10 Shrivelfigs
  • 2 tbsp of chopped knotgrass
  • 1 drop of Leech juice
  • 5 drops Pomegranate juice
  • 1 tsp bicorn horn, crushed
  • 1 phoenix tear
  • 1 daisy root, finely chopped
  • 2 sprigs of Fluxweed
  • 2 peppermint toads
  • 1 chocolate frog
  • 1 licorice wand

Steps for Brewing

  • Add 1 gallon of goat's milk
  • Add crushed Yellow Moonstone, stir goats milk while doing this
  • Add 2 lacewig flies
  • Stir twice clockwise and five times counter clockwise
  • Slice knotgrass from top to bottom being careful not to slice the same spot twice then set aside to let the juices from the cutting come to the surface.
  • Add shrivelfigs by squishing them in gloved hands (this will be messy)
  • Roll knotgrass in gloved hands to get remaining shrivelfigs off and to coat the knotgrass so it won't wilt in the cauldron
  • Add knotgrass
  • Add leech juice
  • Add Pomegranate juice (steam should be purple)
  • Crush the bicorn horn
  • Add 1 phoenix tear to crushed bicorn horn then add to cauldron and stir 15 times
  • Add 1 Daisy root, finely chopped
  • Add 2 Sprigs of Fluxweed, stir once counter clockwise, 2 times clockwise
  • Add 2 Peppermint toads and 1 Chocolate frog using licorice wand to stir (it too will melt)
  • Lower flame
  • Funnel potion into bottle and cork it

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