Deacon Bertino

Full Name:

Deacon Faron Bertino

Date of Birth:

6 August 2062

Blood Status:

Mixed blood

Martial Status:

Single (In a relationship)


186 cm (6'1)


9⅞", Oak wood, Dragon Heartstring core. Solid





Deacon Faron Bertino is an American-born wizard with German-British heritage. Currently he is a Magical Zookeeper living in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Deacon was born (6 August 2062) in Fargo, North Dakota, USA to Anastasia Bertino née Adams, a teacher at the nearest American wizarding school, and Devon Bertino, a reputable wandmaker in the state with German-English ancestry. One day when Devon was chopping wood he was attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Not wanting to lose everything, he kept the secret hidden well for many months. Not that it was necessary to hide it as Anastasia already knew about it and feigned ignorance to his odd behavior during his days of going "camping with the guys" for his pride's sake. He eventually broke down about it when Deacon was four. Not only supporting him, Anastasia convinced Devon to turn her into a werewolf as well to share his pain. Decidedly, they both shunned the wizarding world, which prompted Deacon's paternal grandfather, Devon Bertino Sr. in Jena, Thuringia, Germany to take him in following his parent's abandonment.

The summer around his eleventh birthday, he received his school entrance letter from Durmstrang Institute which he had then accepted. He spent two years there, before his failing grades and behavior issues from always starting enough fights to grant him expulsion. Deacon was then transfered to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic where he had to repeat his second year there.

From then on, Deacon's attitude gradually adjusted as he found himself acting more gentler and relaxed thanks to the new environment and 'superb scenery'. He owes much of his 'classy' upbringing to his grandfather. In his fifth year, he went with his grandfather back to America to see his parents who he had not heard from in over a decade. Unfortunately finding them proved unsuccessful as more evidence grew that his parents did not truly want him in the very beginning but only each other. He grew less interested in finding true love knowing how stupid and careless it truly made them look.. but that didn't stop him from pretending to. Since it did have its nice benefits.

  • With the Pa and Grandpa
  • With his Ma
  • Elephant on the field
  • Surviving the Endurance Swim, 2079
  • Sixth year, 2080-81
  • Deacon and Val
  • Working with pythons in University lesson
  • Maecon
  • Working as Gobstones Administration, 2084
  • Working as Mae's canvas
  • Adjusting to new work environment
  • New Zookeeper
Deacon's grades remained average at best up until his sixth year where he had to have more help on his academics. He had met his future roommate Val Tarantino in the library one day. Many days in fact, as he could feel like he was being watched consistently from his direction until he confronted him. Their days of getting to know each other was rocky at best, with Val remaining anti-social and Deacon not having any interest in talking to someone his own gender.

But that changed overtime after they got into a fight and agreed to put their differences aside to help each other after finding a common ground. Trust issues. He convinced his grandfather to allow Val, who became like a brother to him, over to live with them when they moved to London since he didn't have much of a home to begin with either.

During Deacon's seventh year he applied to spend it at Hogwarts to represent Beauxbatons in the Quiz Bowl. While he passed the physical and endurance challenges with flying colours, he failed to meet the academic requirements in enough subjects along with his disciplinary record held him back. Eventually he went through all of his examinations and graduated from Beauxbatons, insisting they would've won if he was one of the chosen to represent the school. Outside of sports, he had an interest in dangerous creatures, enabling him to pursue his higher education at Wizarding University with Cryptozoology. In addition to his studies, he would fill in for one of the sports announcers of Gobstones and Quidditch matches when needed. It was as fun as his reputation for being a 'loving guy' continued progressing.

At least until he got acquainted with Mae Nixon, who was checking him and his gorgeous hair out whilst he was doing to same with her. She had needed a drink almost as much as he needed something to eat. After a quick banter, the two of them left to get to know more of each other. Which turned into multiple days into weeks and months and still ongoing. It was quite clear they had fully matched up, with their similar history and views as well as their current tastes. Mae officially became apart of the trio with Val as they all practically lived together.

Still needing the extra income to pay his way through his schooling and other expenses he applied at the Ministry. It was a good life, as he had a little helping hand in making Gobstones more popular and socially acceptable. But his major in exotic and dangerous creatures brought more passion out of him. After graduating from Wizarding University in 2086, he went out and bought a two-story house from a muggle. It was cheap and in bad shape, but Wizards didn't need to spend any money to fix it up proper, so it was a win-win. He made a proposal to his girlfriend Mae to move in with him. Not marry though. Since they equally thought of that idea as weird. So he left his former apartment all to Val, which worked out nice since they can floo visit each other anytime without losing touch.

Work & Academic History

National Sanctuary of Dangerous and Exotic Creatures
Magical Zookeeper - (Spring 2087 - Present)

British Ministry of Magic
Magical Games & Sports: Gobstones Administration - (Fall 2083 - Winter 2086)

London Wizarding University
Majored in Cryptozoology - (Fall 2082 - Winter 2086)
Sports Announcer - (Summer 2082 - 2083)

Buried Items
Sales Assistant - (Summers 2078 - 2082)

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Second - Seventh year - (Fall 2075 - Spring 2082)

Durmstrang Institute of Magic
First - Second year - (Fall 2073 - Spring 2075)

Astronomy I
Magical Creatures Care B
Charms B
Magical Defense & Dark Arts TB
Herbology AB
Magical History I
Alchemy & Potions B
Transfiguration TB

Magical Creatures Care TB
Charms B
Magical Defense & Dark Arts AB
Herbology AB
Advanced Alchemy B
Potion Studies AB
Transfiguration AB

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