Delusting Potion


Used to counteract the effects of most love potions.

Brewing Time

One month



Delusting Potion was taught by Potion Mistress Kris Airlia sometime during the 2050 - 2051 school year in Potions Class.

During the 2068-2069 school term, Celandine Toussaint admitted to drinking some of this potion after buying it from Slug and Jiggers in Diagon Alley. Professor Valon Kazimeriz explained that time is of the essence when treating a delusting potion overdose or the drinker will continue to exhibit more ennui and lethargy and possibly fall into a comatose condition. Kazimeriz stated the treatment for too much of the stated potion is one dropperful of elixir to induce everlasting euphoria in a mug of passa flora juice to be taken daily for a month to revitalize the drinker's constitution, and he sent students on a quest of sorts to acquire the necessary ingredients for the treatment.


Used to counteract the effects of most love potions. However, drinking this potion having not drank a love potion will make the person indifferent to the one they care about and "fall out" of love with them. An overdose of this potion can lead to the unpleasant side effect of losing one's 'lust for life' entirely.


  • water (500mL)
  • essence of violet (5 drops)
  • essence of rose thorn (7 drops)
  • raven feathers (2)
  • skinkroot (20 translucently thin slices)
  • rat eyes (3)


  • bring 500mL water to a boil
  • add 5 drops essence of violet and stir clockwise 5X
  • add 7 drops essence of rose thorn and stir counterclockwise 7X
  • reduce heat to simmer mixture for 10 minutes, stirring counter-clockwise 2X every 2 minutes
  • add 2 raven feathers and boil for 5 minutes while stirring counter-clockwise
  • remove cauldron from heat and cover, mixture will be viable for up to one month)
  • add 20 translucently thin slices of skinkroot
  • simmer for 10 minutes or until potion turns pink
  • add 3 rat eyes
  • remove from heat and stir until black streaks appear

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