Diadius Foleculem


(Color) Diadius Foleculem

Wand movement



Changes the color of the caster's hair or eyebrows

The Transfiguration spell Diadius Foleculem was first introduced to Hogwarts students during Term 14 by Professor Danni Pride.  Used to change the color of the caster's eyebrows or hair, the spell is cast by simply pointing the wand at the hair to be changed.  The incantation is Diadius Foleculem, preceded by the name of the desired color (ex. Red Diadius Foleculem).

The strength and duration of the spell depends on the strength of the casting.  A weak casting will likely only last a few hours, while a very strong casting will last until it is removed.  A simple Finite will end this spell.

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