Diggy age 17

Dillon Peru Greenwood, better know to friends and fans as Diggy was born January 6, 2056 in St. Mungos in London, England.

He was born two hours after his twin brother Joseph. The twins are the 4th and 5th children of Nathan and Egypt Greenwood.

Early Life

The twins were a surprise for Egypt and Nathan, but Egypt wanting a big family was happily surprised. Diggy and his twin JoJo were born during one of the worst blizzards in United Kingdom history. It was a difficult delivery for his mom and being born 2 hours after his twin JoJo did not improve her mood.
Baby Diggy

baby Diggy age 4 months

That family had just moved into the new home in the Surry counteyside. So the twins had plenty of space to roam. And the family had room to grow. The twins were a welcomed addition to the Greenwood clan. The boys were great babiesm but once they started walking they were terrors on legs. They got into everything, JoJo was the brains behind their pranks while Diggy was the get away and "muscles." Diggy could get out of and into anything you put in front of him.


Diggy is a talker.

more to come....


Diggy being as immature as he was in Hogwarts didn't have very many relationships. He just wasn't that sort of boy. His first "girlfriend." Natasha was more of a playmate who happened to be a girl. Though Diggy did plan a date for them in the kitchens with pizzas nad cookies. Natasha was taken out of Hogwarts in his fifth year. In his sixth year he met the second year Slytherin Selena Zabini-Riddle. And it was love for him. They met during the Tri-Wizard Ball. The shared a slow dance and that sealed the deal for the little Greenwood. They would go on to attened the masked ball as the yellow and pink Power Rangers.

His family was a bit taken aback at the age of Selena, but Diggy wasn't emotional at the development level of his age counterparts so his mother allowed the relationship. And truth be told Selena and Diggy have barely kissed. The idea still makes him blush.

They exchanged promise rings during his final year at Hogwarts and are still together.

Life after Hogwarts

It was hard for Diggy to figure out what he wanted to do. JoJo was off at the muggle school MIT doing robotics and engineering and Diggy was done with Hogwarts. The answer came with a internship at Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory. He interned in the marketing department, as he was fantastic artist. But after the intership he applied for a job in the experimental candy department. He is a junior developer in the department and he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend Selena. His mother is beside herself as he would be the first to get married and she is looking forward to grandchildren.

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