The honours degree in Diplomacy and Wizarding Relations at the Wizarding University was introduced early in the 2000s. It is arising in response to a growing demand from students for a more specialised study of foreign policy and diplomacy. The programme is unique in that it offers a multi-disciplinary introduction to the advanced study of foreign policy and Wizarding affairs.


The BA (Hons) degree consists of six courses and an individual research paper. The individual research paper is compulsory as is (Diplomacy and International Relations) while the other courses are chosen according to the interests and aspirations of the student, on advice of the Diplomacy coordinator. The five optional courses are selected from a rich choice of courses in diplomatic Wizarding history, international relations theory, conflict, foreign policy and Wizarding law;

  • Introduction to Diplomacy & Wizarding Relations
  • Ethics & Wizarding Relations
  • Intervention & Wizarding Relations
  • Human Rights (1): Muggle Law
  • Principles of Wizarding Relations
  • Diplomacy
  • The Political Economy of Development
  • Human Rights (2): WIzarding Law
  • Wizarding Foreign & Security Policy
  • Wizarding Trade Law
  • Politics & Warfare: Muggle World
  • Wizarding Relations: Theory and Prospect
  • Supervised Research Paper (1)
  • Politics & Warfare: Wizarding World
  • Wizarding Development Policy
  • International & Wizarding Organizations
  • Issues in Modern Wizarding History
  • Supervised Research Paper (2)


The average student takes up to 4 semesters to finish this degree.

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