Disillusionment Charm



Wand Movements

Tight arc




Causes a person, animal, or any part of these to essentially disappear

The Disillusionment charm is cast to cause near invisibility on a person or creature. Although perfect invisibility cannot be achieved using this spell, it is often used for disguise or protection. This spell was taught by Professor Cassandra Rae-Branxton during Term 6.

Appearance and Effect

The Disillusionment charm, incantation Disillusio, causes the person, creature, or object cast upon to blend into the background. The spell works more as a sort of camouflage than in making something invisible, and it works best at night or in low light.

Another common use is to use the spell on magical animals to disguise them as mundane ones. For witches and wizards living near Muggles, it is especially apparent that the second tail on a crup, for example, or the wings on a flying horse not be noticeable.


The Disillusionment charm does not make the person or object indestructable or less corporeal and should not be used in place of a shield spell or repelling ward. Many animals rely on their sense of smell and would not be fooled by by this charm.


DADA Lesson 2, Term 5

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