Its usage goes far back into the medieval ages, where witches and warlocks alike used this toadstool for its magical property of increasing happiness and energy levels in the eater. There was also this strange side effect of inducing the consumer to fits of hysteria, where he or she would babble on about the a terrible and dark future event to come…and the others were astounded to find that all the supposed nonsense from those afflicted came true.

These aptly named Divining Dumpleworths were, in fact, discovered by a rather decrepit old warlock by the name of Dumpleworth Jones. An outcast of his day, Jones would spend hours upon hours in his study, dissecting various beasts and critters he’d find in the wilderness. These practices, of course, were extremely looked down upon and so his outings into the nearby forests became more infrequent as the years went on. However, on a rare trip outside his dingy study, he stumbled upon these toadstools.


Besides the green and blue striped marking on the top, this toadstool is also identified by its characteristic swirl shaped pattern on the underside of the cap. The shininess of the stalk is due to the secretions of oil from the toadstool, making it extremely difficult to harvest.


Divining Dumpleworths are rated 7, somewhat useful but are considered to be highly dangerous. They have not been widely used for medicinal purposes, as the bouts of ensuing hysteria might be grounds for suing.

Care Of

The correct method of harvesting is to grasp the top of the cap with metal tongs and wrench it off its platform. One does not have to worry about harming the toadstool, as these are extremely hardy and prefer to be ripped off a surface rather than lose a cap.


These toadstools are used in energy drinks and teas. However, the Divining Dumpleworths are in fact a rare breed of toadstools and the cost of an individual species soars at around two hundred to three hundred galleons.

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