Though it is a tree, because of its diminutive size many consider it to be a bush. They generally average heights of up to three metres, but they have been known- in rare cases- to grow up to ten metres. There are arguments that these few examples have been manipulated by particularly gifted herbologists and are in fact hybrids, cross-pollinated with taller, larger varieties of trees.

Dragon trees are characterised by their thick trunks, which appears to be composed of numerous smaller trunks wrapped up together. The creases formed on the trunk due to this phenomenon should be treated with much suspicion. One of these creases is the mouth to the dragon tree, but as they are all identical you can never be sure whether you are facing the front of the tree or the back of it.

Even though they are relatively small in size, we suggest you approach them with care, and be vigilant. Dragon trees have ferocious appetites and will never pass up a meal. Though they usually feed on small animals and birds they are more than capable of consuming a fully grown human.

Be wary if you ever come across a tangled, weaved trunk, as you may be facing one of these little nightmares. They are stealthy and incredibly hardened hunters. Escape is unlikely, though a well placed reductor curse may be your best chance.

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