The Dremuni plant is seldom taught in Herbology classes due to the extreme circumstances in which it must be stored and the fact that the pollen of the plant is very poisonous. First created by a Dark Wizard, the plant only became legal to breed and care for about 30 years ago. They are still considered difficult to find and are mostly managed by registered Herbology specialists. Dremuni powder is most likely found sold on Knockturn Alley.

Dremuni was last taught by Professor Phoebe Phoenix during Term 5.


The initial breeding and creation of the Dremuni plant is entirely a mystery. In the 1950's, a single plant was found in the garden of wizard Jeff Minceton. At that time, wizarding authorities believed the plant had been left there by a Dark Wizard in the hopes of killing Minceton and his family in the wake of the fall of Grindelwald. The plant has been bred from that time, although the method and means is not known outside the Department of Ministries and in small circles of Dark Wizards.


The Dremuni takes the form of a miniature silvery white tree with leaves like candy floss. The web-like leaves wrap around the trunk and branches, and the entire tree is bioluminescent, giving off a subtle glow that is especially apparent as the plant is usually kept in the dark.


The Dremuni plant requires storage in the dark as any contact with the light will cause the plant to go into poison overproduction, making exposure more likely. This plant should be handled with extreme care - even traces on gloves can easily transfer and cause great harm. The poisonous pollen is produced in the spidery leaves and can easily be transferred from the tree to other surfaces and can easily be ingested accidentally.

Those who ingest the Dremuni powder by breathing it in will feel light-headed as a primary symptom.


There are, of course, a number of illegal uses for the Dremuni poison. Still, there are several constructive uses for the dust:

  • In low concentrations, the dust can be used as a localized anesthestic to paralyze specific portions of the body when medical access is required.
  • Sleeping draughts of various potencies can be supplemented with the dust. Most of these draughts are administered by medical professionals, especially as the plant and its dust is so rare.
  • In reduced concentrations, the powder could be used in pesticides.

Dremuni powder is best gathered through a Summoning Charm and directed immediately into a sealable phial to avoid any unwitting exposure.


Herbology Lesson 3, Term 5

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