Edward Forrester served as the Astronomy Professor (2062-69) and Slytherin's Head of House (2062-69) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Name: Edward Mark Forrester
DOB: 19th Sept. 2026
Hogwarts: 2037-2044
Marital Status: Single

Born and raised in Blackpool, he was constantly surrounded by muggles, and when he started to show magical talent, his parents took him aside and helped him learn a little control so he wouldn't do anything, like cause one of them to levitate, to attract attention. A few little things he could get away with, especially with Gypsies there year-round, he was even taught a few things, secretly, by his Aunt Kizzy, a local gypsy whom his family had disowned for her for joining the Gypsies.

At age 11 he went to Hogwarts and was quickly sorted into Slytherin House. He excelled at Astronomy, CoMC, and HoM.

After graduating Hogwarts, he went on to Celestial University in Scotland. Where he met and fell in love with a lass. The night he was going to propose to her, however, he caught her cheating with one of his long-time friends. He began to look for an escape and through one of the programs at school, he went on into space where he's been for seven years researching one of the planets, when he came home, he was happy Hazelle, his second cousin, had become the Astronomy professor, but felt he should have had it, for several reasons. After her emotional break down after a nasty fight between her and her ex, Tyler, she felt she needed a break, and he offered her a position with the next space mission, minor to what he had done, but it got her out of *his* position, especially as Slytherin HoH, as that was his former house, and not hers. Hazelle informed Rae of her departure and giving a glowing recommendation for Edward, after which he sent an owl to Headmistress Rae, introducing himself, and expressing his interest in becoming Sytherin HoH and Astronomy Prof.

Having spent several years in space dealing with the muggle space program, Forrester is absolutely neutral in conversations about today's Ministry of Magic.

Personality: He occasionally prefers purebloods over half- or muggle-borns, but he would not let that distract him from someone with a real talent. Like all Slytherins, he is ambitious, but he has used this as a motivation for his life experiences. He is polite, and he gives respect to his colleagues, but will make the students earn is respect. He sees himself as fair, but is often times rather strict.
Height: 6ft
Hair: Short and black
Eyes: Golden brown

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