Elisa Burke

Date of Birth

15th September, 2054

Blood Status


Marital Status



Kitty named Zoe


Owl Post Office Assistant

Physical Appearances


5' 4"

Hair colour


Eye colour


Magical Personality


11¼ inch, Vine wood, Dragon Heartstring, Supple




Wailing drooling babies.



Elisa is more like your happy go lucky kind of girl. She doesn’t worry too much of her future, ready to face any challenges, almost eager for them. She is cheerful and vibrant, with an infectious smile. She always tries to adapt herself to fit whatever situation she gets involved in. She doesn’t like to be the center of attraction; rather, she prefers working backstage most of the time on her own terms. Though she grew up in a full household, she wasn't too close to her older siblings, and preferred to be on her own. So she kinda tries to steer away from parties and crowds.

At first glance, Elisa may come across as a somewhat shy and reserved human being. Not one to trust very easily, she can be seen to be slightly cold at times because of this attribute. She can’t seem to strike up a conversation with a stranger. She is not the type to flirt nor to be flirted with. She hasn’t had any boyfriend yet, but she likes it that way. She likes to live her life on her own terms.

She is very much attached to her pet kneazle, Zoe. Zoe is the one in whom she can totally confide anything and everything she feels. She is a cleanliness freak, and doesn’t like things strewn in a disorderly manner. She just likes everything perfect and spic and span. Only Zoe is allowed to mess around a bit.

Elisa is good at photography. She had always enjoyed capturing her ‘moments’ of joy or pride or sadness even. She wishes to preserve all her beautiful memories on camera. She had almost decided to make photography her career, but then why, nobody knows, she suddenly changed her decision. But whatever it is, she still loves to take her camera and go on a hike.

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