Elisa Potter


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Full Name:

Elisa Marie Potter

Date of Birth:

25 July 2082

Blood Status:



161 cm (5'3)



House Affiliation:



10 ⅔" pliant Alder with Clabbert Tooth core



Elisa Marie Potter is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, previously graduating from the Primary Wizarding School.

Elisa was born (25 July 2082; 12:02 a.m) in London, England after her twin sister Alana (24 July 2082; 11:58 p.m) to Victoria Culloden and Charely Potter. Her mother works in the British Ministry of Magic under Magical Games and Sports. Her father who had met her mother while working in the same department is currently the Headmaster and Magical Sports Coach at the Primary Wizarding School. Elisa also has half-brothers Bart (through Victoria), Wade, Kennedy & Bennett (through Charely), and a younger half-sister Helena (through Cosgrach).

Elisa enjoyed her childhood. She adored her older brothers and sister along with her extended family members and looked forward to playing with them at the first sight. Her favorite colours are baby blue, white and periwinkle. Spending her time dancing, playing with bubbles and animals. Elisa was also super close with her twin, to the point of occasionally feeling some of her emotions at the same time which enabled some of her magical abilities to take form.

Elisa first enrolled at PWS at the age of four with her twin sister Alana. They remained close as ever, helping each other out when there was trouble for either. Occasionally they liked to switch places and pretend to be each other. Of course their parents always could tell who was who, leading to some trouble to them when caught. Her magical abilities took form around her seventh birthday to her delight at first. She was now able to take additional classes relating to controlling them, however, Alana hadn't shown her abilities yet. For the first time they are sent to different classes. Elisa was sad about this but believes Alana will be able to join her too so she makes sure to fill her in on what she has learned.

First year:

Unfortunately for Elisa, her sister Alana was in fact a squib. When the owl arrived with the Hogwarts letter, there was only one just for her. Elisa since then remained conflicted. Knowing she should be excited to be a witch and entering Hogwarts just like her family, but is sadden for her sister missing out and feeling guilty for expressing any sort of joy or magic in fears of upsetting Alana. Her capabilities of magic grows stronger from such feelings as she begins to wonder if perhaps she had stolen her twin's magic capabilities. She spends this time in hiding, choosing to hide any reference to magic around her family in case Alana ever hears of it.

Elisa was sorted in the house of Ravenclaw, to her surprise and somewhat delight. Perhaps it was her constant thoughts regarding her family and her future that swayed the Sorting Hat away from her family's history in being Gryffindor or Hufflepuff? She did not question, instead heading carefully to the table where she immediately met some of her house mates. They are pretty nice to her. She wasn't just another Potter.

Second year:

Elisa went about through her schooling, excelling in her lessons, particularly in Transfiguration. She had chosen to shy away from making many friends or raising her hand to answer questions she happen to know, finding herself undeserving of the attention. Her relationship with Alana was not as frosty as last year in regards to her magic ability. However, Elisa would still refrain from sharing anything positive about her time at Hogwarts. She did not hate the school, but kept things brief, instead asking more about how Alana was adjusting and downplaying her grades. She kept a journal pouring into her feelings about this year. Her conflicts with being happy and knowing her sister wasn't with her or sharing the same happiness.

She watched the Quidditch and Gobstones games, but skipped out on the final match having lost hope in her team winning. If anything the results didn't matter to her anymore. After having a few moments alone in her dorm, Elisa decided that next year would be different for her. She would hate having her nephew, Teddy, find out about her unhappiness by the time he arrives in two years.