Full Name: Ellura Madison Hardwicke

House: Gryffindor

Year: Graduated  Birthday: February 2066

Wand: 10 ⅔ twirly hazel with unicorn hair core

Familiar: Awena (muse) a siamese cat

Physical Description: 5' tall long-haired brunette


Ellura is a half-blood in what is technically considered a squiggle. Half Muggle, half squib, her maturnal family have been wizards and witches for several generations, including her aunts and uncles. However when she was 10 years old weird things started happening to her and before long attention was drawn to it by his mother. This led to her being brought before her maternal grandfather and told she was a witch.


Penelope Hardwickethumb|166px|link=File:Toni-collette.jpg - Penelope is one of several children of Callem and Moira Hardwicke. However she was the unusual one and not because of being extraordinary. she was born a squib amongst a family of witches and wizards and such her life was far from easy. Not to say she wasn't cared for and loved but the differences started to cause stresses especially with family aquaintances that werent so forgiving. So when she was of age, she was quick to leave her family and try to find a niche among people more like her. The muggle world. It was here that she met and married Matthew Harlow. Widowed at the age of 31, she is now the single mother of Ellura and Elliot. 

Callum Hardwicke - Patriarch of the Hardwicke family, Callem was quite heart-broken when it was discovered that his middle child was not a witch like her siblings and the rest of the family. Deep down it didn't change his effections towards her as a whole but he was well aware of how members of the wizarding world tended to treat squibs. With the news of his grandchildren's magical ability in contrast to their mother, he was overjoyed and insisted he help in their magical education. And so Ellura and Elliot were privately taught by their grandfather for the first two years of their magical education.

Elliot Hardwicke - Twin brother of Ellura, they were each others playmates growing up. As they started heading towards their teen years it was clear they were developing their own personalities. As such, while Ellura is attending Hogwarts, Elliot will be attending another school so as to foster their individual growth rather then have them always being compared to each other, Penelope having learned from the example of her own elder siblings...Selandra and Samson, also twins.

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