These tiny little toadstools pack themselves together in massive groups. The closer they are to one another, the more they seem to flourish. It can be found throughout the world, and will sometimes be referred to as The Elvin Army, when growing in huge clusters. This toadstool is known by several different names, the Enamelled Elf, the Eva, and of course the Elvin Army.


This toadstool derives its name from the shape of its cap. This cap has a rounded top and two points on each side. When viewed from a distance the toadstools look like tiny elves heads massed together. It can be easily recognized by its distinctive cap and the brilliant colours of coral, turquoise and plum that decorate the cap and stem. At times it may appear these caps have been hand painted, which is why some witches once believed they were enamelled by Mother Nature herself.


Though these little toadstools are incredibly useful, they are poisonous and with the right quantity can be lethal. Elvin Army toadstools are rated 5, useful but use with caution.

Care Of

This Toadstool grows in a variety of temperatures and is fairly easy to grow in greenhouses. It should be on the top of any beginners growing list, as it matures pretty quickly and can be harvested throughout the year.


These toadstools have been used in a variety of potions for years, but have recently gained popularity once more. It seems when brewed at just the right temperature these toadstools can add a touch of super strength, enabling a witch or wizard to make stronger, longer lasting potions.

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