Emmaleigh Salander
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Full Name:

Emmaleigh Aryn Salander, née Swynford

Date of Birth:

August 11, 2061

Place of Birth:

Northumberland, UK

Current Residence :

Ambleside, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Marital Status:

Married to Salander December 23, 2088

Years at Hogwarts:

2072- Dec 2076, 2078-2079 (1st-half of 5th, 7th)

Hogwarts House:



Em, Emmy, Emma, Red, Dream Girl

Physical Characteristics



Hair Color:


Eye Color:




Skin Tone:


Distinguishing Features:

Scars: On her right arm near her elbow from where she broke it falling out of a tree; On her left knee from where she fell as a child.

Magical Characteristics

Blood Status:


Wand Type:

11.5 inch, Walnut wood, Phoenix Feather core. Quite Flexible


Bottlenose Dolphin; (Formerly: Crup)


Losing her Family/Vickers


Sweet hay, Old books, Sal's hair


Emmaleigh grew up on Swynford Farm. When she wasn’t busy with school or friends she could be found helping with the animals, or more likely exploring. Because of her father’s unique place in the muggle and wizarding world, the farm sells to both communities.

Her acceptance into Hogwasts was a big surprise, and as far as Emmaleigh knows, her first sign of magic came when she was trying out wands at Ollivanders. However, when Em was a toddler, her grandmother, Calla Swynford, accidentally left her wand with in the little girls reach. Very quickly, the redheaded tyke had the room full of bubble. Grandmother Swynford never told anyone out of her fear that it was a fluke.

When Emmaleigh first attended Hogwarts, she didn’t know much about the wizarding world. She saw bits of magic from the wizards that would visit the farm, and grew up fascinated by the magic she saw at her grandparents’ house. During her fist year, she spent a lot of time learning wizarding history, and that next summer read through some of the most recent chapters of Hogwarts A History.


Mother: Anne Scott Swynford- Muggle

Father: Aden Baines Swynford- Pureblood Squib

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