One of the more intriguing varieties of flesh eating trees, is commonly referred to as the Elf Eater. Its terrible nickname is derived from the type of food it favours. This tree likes to lure the little beings near and devour them whole. Those "little beings" it adores the flavour of, are of course elves. This tree does not discriminate between house elves, forest elves, or any other type of elf. It will gladly entice any elf with the hope of enjoying a delicious meal.


It is believed by Enchanted Elm specialists, that the tree sings a song that enchants any elf within a ten foot radius, thus tricking the poor elves into actually climbing right into the hungry tree's mouth! No witch or wizard has ever heard this song. However several elves that have survived near fatal incidents with Enchanting Elms, have described pleasant music lulling them into a kind of sleeping trance.
The Enchanting Elm only eats elves, so many wizarding families plant these trees in their gardens or on their estates to ensure house elves do not venture away from their duties. House elves that do not venture outdoors will of course be safe, but you might find it useful to warn them of the lurking danger if they are planted nearby.


Enchanting Elms are fairly easy to distinguish from other forest dwelling plants and trees. The bark of the tree shimmers in a pale dusty gold while the leaves and berries are a brilliant fuchsia colour. This tree seems to stand out like a beacon amongst the sea of dark colours most forests contain. This variety grows to 20 feet in height with impressive trunk girths. They also seem to be homes for a wide variety of magical creatures. One of the most stunning creatures that call’s this sturdy tree home is the Phoenix. Although rarely observed in the wild, it is known to frequent the branches of this enchanted tree.
Once every 365 days, on the coldest day of the year, this tree sheds its berries. When harvested these berries are used to brew some of the finest Firewhiskey available. Knowing how to identify this flesh-eating tree can prove useful when wandering the forest while travelling, or when simply trying to warn your own house elf of impending danger.

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