Erin Heyman
Fabulous Ravenclaw


Erin Cornelia Heyman


16th September, 2063

Blood Status:

Pureblood but grew up in muggle ways

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Black and straight

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Vine wood, Sphinx Talon core, 10.9 inches



"I am Erin and you can call me fabulous."

Erin Cornelia Heyman believed all her life that she was a Muggle-born. Halfway through her second term at Hogwarts came the truth so hard for a 13-year old to understand. The truth that she was adopted and her real family will be taking care of her from then on. She once resided in Somerset, England together with her adoptive family. At an early age of 8, Erin suffered the greatest lost anyone could ever imagine, losing a mother. She was a Mommy's girl and she will forever treasure the love and care her adoptive Mum gave her.

The Heyman family lived a beautiful life until came Hogwarts which messed up Erin's life even more. Mr. Heyman swore that Erin could never ever set her foot in their home the moment she accepted the invitation to study on the said magical school. In the end, she ended up going because of the uncontrollable power she felt inside of her. She needed training and Hogwarts could give her that. Headmaster Tate went on to talk to Mr. Heyman and after an hour of discussion which probably involved many promises, Erin was ready to go. Life at Hogwarts earned Erin the best of both worlds. Wizarding world was her family and Hogwarts was a place she could now call home.

Erin Heyman was a fourth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sorted in Ravenclaw House. Erin was once a happy-go-lucky little girl but when she found out about her true identity, she wasn't sure who was she anymore. On summer of 2076, Erin found out that she was only adopted and that her mother didn't died out of cancer but suicide after discovering that she'd adopted a monster. A witch.

Personality and Traits

Erin was a vain person. Rather say, she believed that beauty is power and wellness is next to the top. Her hair is one of her best assets, though there were many girls in Hogwarts who's got better hair care than her, that's why she's giving all her time for hair products. She loves fashion, a mother's pet actually because, her late mother really values color mixing and fashion styles. Erin is once a very sweet and nice person, cannot be distinguished from a Hufflepuff but after learning about her true identity as an adopted child, she almost changed from being a sweet one to a neutral one with added friendship to Hogwarts's resident mean girl, a Ravenclaw as well, Enya Mayberry. After Enya's graduation, she's got no choice but to stop being mean or she's losing all of her friends including her bestfriend Beezus Castell.



Screen shot 2012-01-07 at 2.33.52 PM

3-year old Erin

Before Erin could even learn how to speak fluently with her native tongue, both Korean and English, she already knew how to play the violin and was actually good at it. Guitar lessons and piano lessons were also taught to her but then, violin lessons always stood out. The very first song Erin completed with it was 'Deck The Halls', a Christmas song. She also did a successful performance at a music festival in Seoul, Korea during their annual visit at the place to pay respects to her Mum's parents. This earned Erin a Youtube popularity. The video gained over a million views but just like other Youtube sensations, she was outshone by other better talents and never made it to the showbiz spotlight.


Pink ballet

Erin is second from right with her dancemates

She loved being a good dancer.

Erin had a good training in this area since her mother was a good dancer. Her Mum was a talented person and so she imparted all of these to her very first daughter. She enrolled Erin at a dancing school when she started her grade school and she would also teach her some basic steps at home. The little girl's forte was in jazz and ballet but she tried some other types too. She was not the very best dancer but at least she could say that she's good and she could keep up with other people who dances as well. Erin really enjoyed the dancing program at Hogwarts during her first year.


Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 10.37.00 PM
Erin learned how to cook from her Grandmomma, though her Mum's quite good at it too, but her Grandmomma was the one who's got all the time to teach Erin. The very first menu the Ravenclaw learned how was a Korean classic dish during birthdays, the seaweed soup. She made it during her Dad's 32nd birthday while her Mum was still alive.

During Holidays, she would help her mother do the food and she would really enjoy doing it WITH her. So, when she died, it was like everything collapsed and every nerve ending in her body was not functioning anymore. She missed her mother a LOT and she would trade everything just to have her back.

At Hogwarts, she would passed by the kitchen, itching to make a dish for herself or maybe for her friends. She would always take a step forward but she couldn't. One day, she would be able to go inside the kitchen and make a dish WITH the house-elves and not think of having her mother anymore.


  • Erin is never good in any kind of sports. She is not entirely bad at flying but she was never good at it. She'll never make it in Quidditch. And she has a hard time balancing herself.
  • Vanity is one of Erin's biggest flaws. She takes so much pride in her own beauty and voices out what's inside her heart about someone else's.
  • Superiority Complex is also one of Erin's flaws. She bosses someone mostly but knows her limits too. She can't boss people who's higher than her.
  • Erin is never beautiful. She is cute, yes but she can't be classified as pretty. That's the reason why, she supports Madam Primpernelles a lot and buys their products in order to improve herself.

Early Life

Erin Cornelia Heyman was born from a British father and a Korean mother. With different traditions, from her

Erin as a warrior in a school play

mother's side to her father's side, the family of three decided to lived their lives away from their relatives as much as possible. They established a residence at Somerset, England with an extravagant house. They could afford it anyways.

3 years passed, Erin was the only child in the Heyman household until came Kristina, the adorable little girl who mostly gotten the resemblance of her father. She had the face of an English and a Korean. This created some gossips that the first born was not actually theirs. At a young age, Erin was never concerned about these things. She would never understand its meaning until one of her schoolmates, on her first grade told her that one of her childhood friends was an adopted. She asked her mother about it and Desilda, though surprised, gladly explained her first daughter about the meaning of the new word.

Korean Mother and Child Doll by Kearra

Painted by Erin's Mum

Erin's mother died when she was only 8 years old. That had been a very mournful moment that the Heyman family would never forget all their lives. Erin, with so much love for her late mother collected some of her belongings and put it in her own room. She made a storage out of a cabinet wherein she deposited all the things that provided a significant memory from her mother's life. Erin had a painting hanged in her wall opposite her bed with a Korean mother and her daughter. That was one of her mother's works when she was still alive. Nanny Lisa, Erin's long time nanny, told her that her Mum painted it before Erin even came.

Oswald started to be aloof after his wife's death. He never had time for Erin and Kristina and spent most of it at work. When he’s at home, he’s working and when he’s at work, Erin didn’t have the chance to see him. Erin and Kristina had been accompanied by their full-time babysitter. They call her Nanny Lisa. Nanny Lisa had no other family, the reason she gave all her love and time to the poor Erin and Kristina who were hungry for love and affection. Erin understood her father’s way of mourning, though Kristina couldn't. The younger of the Heyman rebelled in a way that she would fail her exams on purpose and put the volume of the radio higher than the usual just to distract her father.

Also, Erin had a dog and he was her best friend. The pet's name was Zeke.

Erin's family dog, Zeke

The family had him even before Erin started school. He had been the life and fun of every family celebration when her Mum was still alive. Erin also had a doll named Heide. It was her Mum's gift on her 6th birthday. Erin had always been so outgoing before the tragic incident involving her Mum. From then on, she started to become lonely and stare blankly. She always valued things from her Mum and that’s why she kept Heide in a safe place though she can’t see her. Maybe, it was because she remembered her mother so much with the doll and so she starts to become sad and lonely. Now that she was going to enter Hogwarts, she cannot leave Heide behind. She’s going to bring her in.

Little H Photo Album

  • Erin in her first year
  • Erin before going into Hogwarts
  • Erin's snapshot while reading the latest edition of Daily Prophet taken by her bestfriend Beezus
  • Beezus and Erin after having a fun Shrunken Head Bowling at DA during the summer of 2078 (before their 4th year)
  • Erin with her biological family (Daddy, Mom and Jasmine)
  • Erin having a good time at Beezus' place during the summer of 2076 (before their second term)
  • Erin with sister Jasmine at a Muggle concert (2077)
  • Erin and BFF Elise goes for shopping (summer of 2078)
  • Erin practicing for DADA taken by Erin's twin Tiffany Pevensie
  • Baby Erin with 7-year old Jasmine before she was separated from them
  • Erin crying in the arms of her sister
  • Erin and Beezus goofing around playing with fabulous fairytale clothes

Hogwarts Life

First Year 2075-2076


Erin at the Girl's Dormitories of her house

Erin on her first year managed to shop alone at Diagon Alley. She was sent by her father through a car at the Leaky Cauldron, thanks to a wizard with a good heart, she was able to enter the place and buy all her required things. She even exchanged her Muggle money for wizard ones which was was really cool for a first timer like her. She met several first years too from the different shops she entered. But the memorable one was the wand choosing and she would never forget the face of her very first wizard crush, the shopkeeper by the name of Bryce. After the Diagon Alley shopping, Erin waited for the term to start and boarded the Hogwarts express with all the hopes of having a good time inside Hogwarts and make quite a number of good friends. And she beautifully, did well. Upon finding the compartment she would be staying for the entire duration of her journey towards the magical school, Erin met Alex (Alexia Carter), a Pureblood, also an incoming first year and Jayden Troutwater, Erin's first friends in Hogwarts. Well, next to her food trolley friendster Aurora Opal. And before she knew it, the compartment was packed with firsties like her and gotten tired instead slept all her way through the final destination.
F u n by tallymei-d3aze76 large

Louisa, Erin's former cat

Summing it up, Erin had an entirely boring first year, the only highlight was that she had met an enemy by the name of Enya Mayberry who caught her drowning her cat, Louisa. Though in Erin's defense, she wasn't doing it on purpose. Erin intended no harm towards the cat. She loved that cat, though she would admit she was just too lazy at the time to save the it, or she might not be on her right mind at the moment. Her dog Zeke from back home can do swimming. But he was a dog, not a cat. Erin knew she was wrong but she was still not becoming in good terms with Enya. Towards the end of the term, a metal egg project was given in her Charms class. She took care of hers and named it Louisa. She kept it hidden in her trunk, whenever she needed it, it'll come in handy.

Before classes even start, Erin already felt the annoying behavior of one of her very first acquaintances in Hogwarts, seeing her flirting with so many guys and even gotten a boyfriend on her first year. This triggered Erin to avoid the girl temporarily. On that same year, Erin plucked up the courage to talk to her at the Giant Treehouse. The two admitted their mistakes and patched up their misunderstandings. Though, Erin was never with Jayden all the time because of their opposite principles, Erin still considered her as a friend.

F 2955m 35de099

In her hanbok costume

In her first year, Erin was a likable person because of the comfortable aura she creates whenever she’s with someone. She was also an approachable person and loved talking. She was easy-going and her tragic past wouldn’t be seen through herself. She was a happy and innocent little girl. Erin was bubbly and caring and genuine. If Erin got good traits, as much as other people, she's got flaws. She was a very sensitive person. Truly a cry-baby. When someone was angry at her, she'll cry her heart out and get too emotional in simple things. She’s going to be there when you needed someone to talk to but she was just a fail in advising. She can calm your sadness or anger but not totally solve it. She felt like being a short person was a curse, a flaw but after meeting her bestfriend Beatrice Castell she realized that being one doesn't make you any less. Erin's weakest subject was Arithmancy and her strongest was Herbology 'cause she just loved Professor Bentley so much and oh, Astronomy of course, 'cause of Professor Edvard Roslund!

Summer of 2076 was not a very good summer for Erin. She had a huge fight with her sister, she wanted to hex her and ship her to Africa and never bring her back again. She would be modifying her family's memories and they'll never know, she even had a sister. Erin was a freak, according to Kristina and she would never be normal again. That incident changed Erin from being the sweet type to the mean type of person and snob and Slytherin-like. She'll never be a cry-baby again, if possible she'll never show her tears to anyone, AGAIN.

Second Year, 2076-2077

She did. She boarded the Hogwarts Express and met quite a number of students from the King's Cross up to the compartments and the food trolley.

During her second year, Erin would take a long walk at the corridors, the pathways and even set foot at the topiary garden, the vegetable patch and the duck pond. She met new friends by the name of Katelyn Star, Oakey Gunter and Ariadne (she forgot the surname). She remembered putting a gum on that Hufflepuff guy's hair. Until now, he was still oblivious to the fact that it was Erin who actually did it. She had met him again at the vegetable patch with a Gryffindor named Ariadne. they were actually the very first ones to witness the beauty of the place. The Hufflepuff guy that went by the name of Oakey Gunter suffered bad luck and destroyed his Hogwarts robes and Erin, being a good girl offered to sew it for him.

Erin had been a good academics student, attended and listened to classes, even passing her homeworks on time. She was totally enjoying her stay at Hogwarts. She was also happy for her bestfriend Beezus, to finally get into the Ravenclaw's Quidditch team this year. Erin did try out last term but failed.

Halfway through the term, she cried so hard. She was asked to leave Hogwarts for reasons that she couldn't fathom herself. It was stated in the letter from her father that it was a very important and private family affair that he wanted no one to be involved but families and close relatives only.

When she came home, her bags were packed. She went up to her bedroom. Surprised that it was clean, dust-free and un-ERIN-like. That's the time when she heard a motherly voice, 'Erin?' That was her mother. Like the real one. She turned around and saw both her parents. They were standing by the door, her biological mother's hands extended towards her. She cried and cried but ended up going with them.

That year, she was sent into a private school in London. She was so close to Hogwarts but couldn't go back because of her biological father's prohibitions. Her sister Jasmine gotten pregnant after graduating in Hogwarts by her boyfriend who happened to be studying there as well. With that, her biological father wouldn't allow her second daughter to suffer the same consequences the first one had. He believed that the faculty was incompetent that they couldn't even teach their students what's right and what's wrong.

Erin studied really hard to be able to make her real parents proud. But she had a plan. One day when Hogwarts' term was nearing to a start, Erin asked her mother if she could go back to Hogwarts' again. Her mother, being hesitant told her daughter to just let her hopes down about even getting into Hogwarts again. Determined, Erin faced her father personally and gave her piece of argument. She wanted to go back no matter what it takes. She told him that whatever happened to Jasmine wasn't something that Hogwarts' faculty would tolerate. And it wasn't their faults but the family where Jasmine grew up. After all the shouts and enlightenments, Erin's father couldn't speak up for days. And then, one day he just hugged her daughter so tight and gave her his decision about Erin's proposition on coming back to Hogwarts to continue her studies. And it was official, she was going back to Hogwarts and she would be seeing her friends again.

Third Year, 2077-2078

This year was fun. This was the year she got close to Gryffindor Alice Fisher with the girl talking about taking over the world and Erin, the Ministry of Magic. It was the year she acquainted with her juniors like Melanie Sung, Landon Hughes, the Choco Mint Boy Ryan Myles, some small chats with Alec Summers. She also met Cassia catch up with friends like Kat Hudson and Cass Prewett. This was also Cass' last term in Hogwarts which made all Beezus, Erin and Kat sad. They were all close to the older girl. More to her depression, it was also Jonathan's last year in Hogwarts. Jonathan has always been Erin's ideal man ever since she met him. Though she never confess it to the older Snake, some of her closest friends that she's crazy over him.

Fourth Year, 2078-2079

Fourth year was mostly studies for the young Ravenclaw. She would chat with her best gals sometimes but it doesn't  take that long. She grew closer with Elise too, one she considers as her Ravenclaw bestie since Beezus was a bestfriend and Beezus' got a bestie too which is Indy. Elise and Erin named their friendship Erilise ever since the El went over Erin's house the summer of 2078. She was the first one to meet her biological family. They had swimming together, shop together and mostly had fun.

Fifth Year, 2079-2080

This was the year for OWLs. One of the exams she'd been preparing the past four years of her Hogwarts' stay. Since raised as a Muggleborn, it wasn't as easy to learn magic as some of her peers. She was thankful that most of her friends helped her in learning magic and incorporating it in her everyday life. She was bery lucky to have her bestfriends with her. Beezus would sometimes do her homeworks for her and Elise would always teach her wand spells. 

This was the term that she learned about Raven's illness from Zhenya's boyfriend, Gary Rush. The older Snake was a bit Slytherin-ish, stubborn even, but she was glad that he happens to know the happenings in Raven's life, one of her closest friends. She was so sorry that Raven has to suffer from cancer. And Zhenya was nowhere to be found, Desiree even. They're the trio and they're Erin's friends but they're gone now.

Sixth Year, 2080-2081

Erin's sixth year was the year Hogwarts went poor. They went into financial crisis with the goblins taking Hogwarts properties because of the school's debt in Gringotts. She heard that the Hogwarts' vault got robbed which was very unfortunate. 

There were money-making machines everywhere, like ice cream stands where you put coin into it before taking your favorite flavor and the turnstiles before entering the common room where you need to put one knut before you can go in. It was crazy but it was fun. It was just a little way to help the school who honed who she was today. And she's got loads of galleons from her rich father too. Just him, not Erin.

Right at the end of the term, Erin was shocked to received a letter from home informing her about her engagement on her next summer vacation. It wasn't stamped in the letter who the man she will be marrying but she felt cheated about this. Last thing she knew it was Jasmine who was getting married. Maybe, something went wrong? Good thing, she has her bestfriend Beezus who was more than ready to fight with her, by hook or by crook.

Seventh Year, 2081-2082

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Personal Relationships

Adoptive Family

Oswald Heyman and Desilda (Eun-Suh) Choi-Heyman


The Adoptive Parents

Oswald and Desilda were Erin's parents, least she grew up knowing they were the real ones. They took care of her with all their might, giving her all the precious things a child would ever need. LOVE. ACCEPTANCE. UNITY. As Erin grew older, she started to channel her interests to other things involving other people. These includes friends and surprisingly magic. As early as three, her parents started to notice unusual things about her. Like, if she wanted something so bad, she would cry so loud and they would notice a crack on the window or on the table or the chair. That was one thing, but when she would say 'I think it will rain today' together with the exact time, they knew it was a different story. Desilda once brought Erin to a herbal healer and the healer would say, she was being possessed by a witch. Desilda would believe the healer was insane.

Kristina (Tina) Cornelia Heyman

81608dec57ef695721004cedc165b8d8 large

Erin's little sissy

Kristina was Erin's little sister. She was 3 years younger than her. Erin was a Muggle-born, reason why Kristina was unlikely to have magical powers. Unless the family had something of a secret that was untold. They were the closest of a sister because of their intimate relationship. They were almost together all the time and they took care of each other. Whenever Kristina needed anything, Erin would be most glad to help. Kristina was never more than excited when Erin received her Hogwarts acceptance letter. For some unknown reasons, when Erin came back from Hogwarts for the summer, she found out that Kristina loathed her and she would even refuse to talk to her or explain herself. That changed Erin's attitude from being the Ravenclaw's sweet girl to Ravenclaw's mean girl.

The day Erin left their home to go with her biological parents, she found out why Kristina hated her so much in the first place. It was because she found out that Erin was almost the reason why their mother died. She committed a suicide after having known that Erin was a WITCH.

Biological Family

William and Ursula Rhodes


Mom and Daddy

They two, together with their first daughter Jasmine were long looking for their lost youngest child, Jessica. With a search that last for more than a decade, along the road, the couple started to feel that they won't be seeing Jessica again. But that lovely day of November, they finally gotten lead on their daughter's whereabout. Clues, tracks. With that, the couple did everything to find her.

Through a gypsy fortune-teller from London near a lake, where Ursula once asked for a fortune-tell, she told her unconsciously about Ursula's daughter coming to her while she was traveling in Wellington, England. She said that she saw the girl, her life, and that the mother of this girl once came to her. They located the place where the Heyman family was living and there they found what they were longing to see all their lives.

William was a British Pureblooded wizard. Though a Pureblood, his family tried to stay away from any of wizard stuffs. Like the Ministry of Magic. No Rhodes ever had work with anything that involved politics. Teaching wasn't in their family line, as well. Rhodes were wizard/Muggle shop owners. In the case of William Rhodes family, his father started the legacy of not using their power for their gain. Unlikely as it may seem but William, with his father and mother never had to use magic or involved themselves with wizard stuffs in thir lives. William was enrolled into an anti-Muggle school where he was taught how to control and moderate his powers until he won't be needing it anymore. It may not vanished completely in his system but he was taught the dangers of using magic, and the hatred in using it was burning in his heart.

He's made it to the engineering industry of Muggles by finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering in London where he was working in a big television company. Though he did marry Ursula, her current wife, a Pureblood witch, a forbidden love, he couldn't help himself for falling in love with the woman's beauty and personality.

Ursula Rhodes was once an Ursula Hill before marrying the handsome gentleman William. She had an American father and a Korean mother. Perhaps, the reason why Erin looks a lot like Korean though no one in their family looks like it. She studied at Hogwarts and spent her entire Hogwarts' life in Ravenclaw which was followed by her lovely daughter Erin.

Jasmine Rhodes


Jasmine and Erin in a company party

Jasmine was Erin's biological sister. They may not have the bond Erin and Kristina had but the older became an instant bestfriend to Erin. Jasmine was a witch who was raised as a Muggle. Though she felt the power in her while in her growing up years, her parents especially her father, did some remedies for it to be stopped. She was enrolled in an anti wizards school where they were taught how to control and moderate their powers up to the point where they wouldn't be needing it anymore and it will vanish and extinguish in their memory, in their traits and in their lives. Just like her Dad. Though, it couldn't totally be removed, they will be taught the disadvantages and dangers of using magic.

Though, when she turned eleven, she received a letter from Hogwarts inviting her as a student. With Dad's disagreement, Jasmine begged her mother to talk it out with that. Still unknown to her how her mom convined her Dad, she went into Hogwarts and sorted as Ravenclaw. In school, Jasmine met her forever friends and of course, the father of her son, Ely. Tragic as it may seem, the love she shared with the guy named Connor led to nowhere but betrayal and grief. But the greatest thing was she had Ely with him which meant a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Jasmine was practically Kristina's replacement in Erin's life. Erin knew that Kristina could never forgive her for their/her Mum's whatever. Erin would sometimes help Jasmine calming Ely or explaining something to the little boy when his mother's doing something.

Ely Louis Rhodes

07 02 11

Ely, the cute little boy

Ely is Erin's cute nephew. He was an unwanted child but as the years grow by, his mother (Erin's sister, Jasmine) grew to accept him because he was her son and LIFE is a great blessing. Erin and Ely's relationship aren't entirely the usual adult-child relationship, they had the brother-sister affection since Erin can be childish sometimes. Ely will mostly get something his way from his mother through Erin's influences. They would always team up to annoy Mrs Rhodes and Jasmine, even Ely's grandfather who is Erin's father. When this two gets on together, the whole family was in chaos of happiness and laughter.

Erin will always treasure Ely in her heart as her own son because Jasmine will fail as being a mother to him most of the time. One because of her lost teenage years, she will sometimes do things that will hurt Ely and she wouldn't even know it. The thing is Erin is more sensitive than Jasmine. She knows when someone is upset and needed someone to talk to.

Beatrice Evangeline Castell


Beezus, the bestfriend

Beatrice commonly known as Beezus was Erin's bestfriend. She was the very first one to know about her Mum's death and her deepest sentiments about it. On the other hand, she also knew that Beezus lost a sister and she actually died in front of her. Her Mum's at St. Mungo's and she would refuse to talk to Beezus in any way. Erin had a really deep connection to Beezus and she was the only one she could tell anything; the secrets of her life, her likes and dislikes and even her insecurities. With Beezus, she felt like she could voice out everything. She would fight for her friend all the way through.

Summer of 2076, she was with Beezus at her place. She spent the remaining of her summer with her bestfriend and it truly turned out the best.

Katrina Hudson


Katrina Hudson is Erin's bestest Slytherin friend

At their first meeting, Erin wasn't entirely interested in making friends with her. One thing is because she was a Slytherin. But because of their constant chats and consistent agreement about almost everything, Erin grew to love this girl more than anyone else. Though, they were in the same age bracket, Erin sees her as a younger sister. She's softspoken and warm and loving. They would have a few walks around the castle from time to time. Kat would always ask Erin to watch her playing Quidditch and Erin always obliged. Especially when she gets the front seat.

Elise Fairfield


Elise, another Ravenclaw bestie

Elise was one of Erin's friends in her house. Because they both board the Ravenclaw Common Room, it wasn't that hard to establish a friendship with the girl. During her first year, she occasionally talks to the girl, smile and say hi because they're acquaintances.

Everything changed when second term started. Erin, being Enya's friend - changed from being the sweet girl to becoming the mean girl - and all she could think of during those times was that, she almost treated everyone bad apart from Beezus and surprisingly Elise.

On her third term, she had the deepest connection with Elise - whom she started to call Ellie since she insisted it - when the girl told her about her father being sent to jail and Ellie not having a place to go home during the term break. Erin, being a nice good friend, offered her house, the house of her biological parents.

Harvey Watson

Harvey Watson

Harvey, the guy next door

Harvey Watson was never a close friend to Erin from her Muggle home. They were actually neighbors and their parents knew each other. The family were close acquaintances. Harvey and Erin didn't have the same circle of friends, the reason why they had not got the chance to be close. They just know each other. That's all.

Erin was surprised to see him at Hogwarts Express on her first year. Having no one to talk to and so tired to introduce herself to someone who didn't know her yet, Erin decided to poke the familiar guy and ask him if he was really Harvey Watson or just someone who entirely looked a lot like him. From then on, Harvey and Erin became close friends with the guy even confessing Erin, her love for their other schoolmate Minerva who came from Hufflepuff.

The two occasionally chat outside the Hogwarts grounds and at the Ravenclaw common room asking how are you's and how's your day.

Enya Mayberry

Enya 2

Enya, the mean girl

The day she met Enya Mayberry was the day Erin lost her cat. Never understanding how that whole incident actually happened - that cat was now in possession of the older Ravenclaw.

They met at the Diagon Alley again before term 30 at Hogwarts started, still not in good terms. For some weird reasons AGAIN, it was like Erin was being possessed by someone who badly wanted to be Enya's minion, she was deceived to trick a bunch of students, her friends actually shopping at the Sugarplum's candy shop. There, she succeeded and from then on, they became quite closer. As the days went on, she would occasionally talk to Enya hearing her complaints about how people acts so stupid. Somehow, Erin adapted the mean-y side of the older Ravenclaw and only treating Beezus in a good way while the others left behind suffers her bad attitude.

On her third year, sadly Enya didn't went back to Hogwarts and she said her goodbyes to the girl over a Muggle phone.

Kimalia Fanster


Kimalia, the Snake's Quidditch Captain

Kimalia was a Slytherin Captain in Erin's first and second year. They met at the King's Cross station before Erin boarded the train on her second year to Hogwarts. Erin never thought that their casual meeting would lead into a beautiful friendship. Kimalia, on that day purchased many sweets from the Food Trolley and shared it to Erin.

They would occasionally chat about hair products, Muggle make-ups and fashion magazines. They would also greet each other at the Hogwarts corridors and involve themselves into a deep chat about many things.

Magic was also one of their habits. Kimalia, as the older of the two, she would sometimes teach Erin how to do a spell the right way and she would also give her notes about them. And how was it that they always meet up in bathrooms, perhaps because of their mutual vanity. And Erin loved everything about Kimalia, how she projects herself in front of a crowd and still look good even if she swerves high up in the air for Quidditch games. She's truly a Hogwarts' icon.

Tiffany Pevensie

User158395 pic15717 1325390561

Tiffany, Erin's Gryffindor friend

Erin first met Tiffany at the Hogwarts Express platform on the start of her second term at Hogwarts. They had a small chat whilst waiting for the Hogwarts Express to come. Though at first, Erin hadn't felt anything towards the girl, Tiffany was the one to reach out to her and with that Erin became so attached to the girl that she considers her a close friend, of course always next to her bestfriend Beezus.

Tiffany and Erin would always have a chat about anything under the sun, but mostly about boys. Most of the time, Tiffany would ask Erin who's her current crush, which annoys Erin in many infinite ways, and Erin would also ask the same. Though Erin admits that she liked knowing others' secrets, she herself didn't want to share hers and she would always get a way to keep hers safe and sound.

Oakey Gunter


Oakey, the partner in crime

Gunter, as Erin addressed the boy who's twins with bad luck, was all Erin could say her partner in crime. they first met at the Hogwarts' Express on Erin's second year and Gunter's third. Being that mean person at the time, she intentionally put a gum on the Badger's head and instantly gotten away with it. Until this point of time, Gunter still hadn't figured out who did that to him. Their second meeting was at the vegetable patch where the guy accidentally broke her robes and Erin offering herself to fix it.

And recently, the Hufflepuff discovered Erin's mission about finding out the truth behind the Groundskeeper, Waylon Murdoch's identity. Ever since, he came into Hogwarts, Erin couldn't exactly point out what's with the guy. He's just too nice and being that nice was mysterious. With that, Erin made a plan on sneaking into his Hut on her free times and find out the truth about him. Gunter offered himself for the mission. They also made code names to keep everything in control, Erin was Frowns and Gunter was Smiles. That would explain everything. Teehee.

Aurora Opal

Ginny Weasley (Deathly Hallows part 1)

Aurora, the trolley buddy

Aurora was Erin's trolley buddy. It's because the two met at the front of the food trolley and stayed there for quite a while, even sitting at the corner of the train to have some small talk. The small talk they were expecting ended to be along one that led to Chocolate Frogs to the wizarding histories involving the pictures at their cards, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. They also had a talk about politics and a small about their families.

Occasionally, the two would be talking at the common room or study together at the study tables even talking about Hunger Games trilogy, one of the greatest novels ever written by a Muggle.

Minerva Wheatborn


Minerva Wheatborn

Minerva was Harvey Watson's girlfriend. The love between the two was initially figured out by Erin during the Welcome Feast at the Great Hall. Minerva couldn't stay at the Hufflepuff House Table and always visits the lonesome Harvey at his spot at the Ravenclaw House Table.

Though, Erin knew that it was Minerva who firstly fell for Harvey, the guy was the one who told Minerva about his feelings first. They officially became a couple during the early months of their first year.

The couple status between the two made Erin a little bit outcasted from the friendship and so she started to look for other companies and avoided the two in order to have some quality time. At the end of the day, they're the ones who still asks for Erin, if she was okay with the arrangement. Though, she felt like she didn't belong, Erin never admitted that she was a little jealous about the closeness of the two. At the terrace of Professor Bentley while Erin was with her close friend Aurora Opal, Minerva talked to her about her relationship with Harvey and there, Erin blurted out her deepest feelings about the outcast feeling. The two started to reached out for Erin during simple occasions and made her feel, she's still a part of the friendship.

Alice Fisher


Alice, the Queen

Alice Fisher was one person in Erin's batch that she hadn't had a time to explore with. Also, through Erin's uncanny gossipy self and sources, Erin knew her to be the one taking over the world. They only had that time to get to know each other more, when they were both in third year. Through, Alice's cute and cheery self, Erin drew even closer to the Gryffindor. They instantly became good friends which in the end turned out to be more than that but to be best of friends. Alice, claiming to be the Queen of her empire which is the world, promised to help Erin in her journey to become the Minister of Magic when time came. In return, Erin also promised to help Alice in anything she needed to accomplish. She even offered the Lion her piece of self to be included in Alice's helpers, which she calls her partners to take over the world. They were composed of Blue and Messer but the Gryffindor explained to Erin that it'd be better if she would just stay out of it because Alice didn't want Erin to suffer the rule of not having to eat Chocolate Frogs for Blue imposed it. Erin loved chocolates and she also thought that it'd be better that way.

In addition to that, Erin actually had started on the wrong foot with Blue but she was working on smoothing things out with her.

Raven Charlotte


Erin's Slytherin friend

Raven and Erin met during their first year at the lake talking about things like Chocolate Frogs, the Golden trio and many more. Their first meeting went on to many meetings and chit chats in school corridors or in some of big Hogwarts events. Raven can be little harsh sometimes, and she can make Erin feel like she is not THAT SMART for a Ravenclaw. Though Raven is a Slytherin, she knew a lot about the wizarding world whereas, little Erin being a Muggleborn with no idea of any magical world before apart from fairytales, Raven is smart. Really smart. At the train on their second term, there is this fact that really works for Erin that she shared with her friend Raven, that when your tooth aches, chocolate is the best medicine. It works for her, though she wasn't sure if it works for others too. Since, Raven is a friend, she's too welcoming to share the secret to her.

When Erin went back to Hogwarts for her third term after being gone for almost half the term on her second year, she met a guy named Gary Rush who turned out to be Zhenya's boyfriend and Zhenya is Raven's bestfriend. After so many long encounters with the rude guy, he was the one who informed Erin about Raven's condition. She was sick of cancer and Erin couldn't believe it. She couldn't find the courage to accept it more so write to her. One day, she will visit her friend. She just hopes, it won't be too late.

Juliet Kim


Juliet Kim

It was at the train where Erin first met Juliet. And the slight resemblance made her really interested with the girl. This girl somehow reminds her of him, and got even crazier when Juliet told her that she was Jonathan Kim's cousin. Coincidence happen and luck comes when you least expect it. Screw her boyfriend, she has Jonathan's cousin. They had a fun chat about each other inserting Jonathan's name from time to time since that was all Erin was thinking about while talking to the girl. Ha. They met only a few times but the bond she wanted to build up with Juliet are higher not just because she was someone's cousin but because she has a very likable personality.


Behind the Scenes

  • Erin's owner is WitchLight27 from Snitchseeker site.
  • Erin is played by the lovely K-Pop band member from Wondergirls Ahn So Hee. They popularized the song "Nobody" from all over the world which made them a worldwide sensation.
  • The name Erin came from my many name collections that I wanted to name my children one day. LMAO. So, no specific reason for choosing the name. The word Erin is known to be a popular poetic name for Ireland.
  • So, I just realized that Erin did not just popped into my mind without reason. I am watching 90210 and my favorite female character is Erin Silver. She was known as SIlver in the series but her name was actually Erin. So there, I named my character as Erin.
  • The surname Heyman came from the British film producer David Heyman of the Harry Potter series film franchise which inspired me from creating my character.

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