• RomolaGaraiCecile
    Full Name: Evelyn Lidia Avalon
  • Nickname/Aliases: Evie
  • Date of Birth: October 3rd, 2048
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue-gray
  • Height: 5'7"


Evie is light of foot and seems to move to a music that no one else can hear. She is slender and pale, although she has no fear of the outdoors and no clue about sunscreen potions. Her style of dress is generally vintage and dreamy.

Personal History

Due to her gift of Sight, Evelyn Avalon has always been characterized as 'not quite right' by those around her. Although her siblings and parents are used to her nonsensical statements and unique speech patterns, even they struggle with Evie's coping mechanism of detaching from the world around her. In spite of her quirks, Evie is intensely loyal and loving.

As a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts, Evie was a loner. It was only the fierce protection of her older sisters Caroline and Briony that kept Evie from becoming the victim of bullying. Although she did not outwardly show signs that she realized she was incapable of making friends easily, Evie felt the loneliness keenly.

Her inability to connect and fit in drove her easily back to the family's business The Avalon Inn, a cozy bed and breakfast for both Muggles and Wizardingkind located in Glastonbury. Her proficiency with numbers comes in handy, as Evie acts as bookkeeper and works the front desk at the Inn. She is mostly very content to help run the place with her parents and younger brother Tobias.

In recent history, Evie reunited with an old friend and equally free spirit, Tolliver Bones. Tolliver, although occasionally disturbed by her Gift, is the most spontaneous person Evie has ever met, and she is enjoying living in the moment for the first time ever.

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