Classification: XX / Beast

A Fairy is a small human-like creature with large insect-like wings, which are either transparent or multi-coloured. They possess diminutive intelligence, and live mainly in woodlands or glades.

The fairy is a vain creature, and will often allow itself to be used as decoration by wizardkind. Due to their vanity, fairies are almost constantly grooming themselves. They possess a weak brand of magic that allows it to evade its predators such as the Augurey. The fairy cannot speak; instead, it makes a high-pitched buzzing noise to communicate with its fellow fairies, but they are able to laugh in a similar fashion to that of Flitterbies playful buzzing with the wings.

Fairies can lay up to fifty eggs in one go, laying them on the underside of leaves. The eggs hatch into brightly coloured larvae, and, at six-to-ten days, they spin themselves into a cocoon. They emerge a month later as adult fairies. Bowtruckles eat fairy eggs.

While Fairies are mainly used as decoration, testing, and bait for creatures. Some choose to hold them as pets. Keeping Fairies as household pets is possible so long as they remain in a jar or tank. Fairy food bottles are recommended to purchase for them living healthy. Like fish food, only a small dropping amount will satisfy their appetite at a time.

Fairy food bottle instructions  
+ Become accustomed to them and letting them get to recognise you. Housing more than one? Find a way to differentiate them.
+ Feed once every twelve hours
+ Clean their living space twice a day
+ Allow them time to exercise and stretch their wings, be careful not to let them fly too far away. An hour or two should suffice.
+ (Optional) With the presence of eggs, be sure to expand their living space.

Their wings are used as an ingredient in certain potions; particularly in strengthening and increasing speed potions. Removing the wings for collection is a simple procedure. Using the glue spell, drawing a horizontal line to set where to glue the Fairies feet at. It is not permanent. Carefully remove their wings. They will glare at you unhappily, but once they're removed you can place them in a jar with another fairy for company. Their wings will grow back over a duration of two days so it is best to keep them out of danger until then.


CoMC #1: In the Grove - Term 38

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