Fairy Lights is one of the most beloved plants of the Mediterranean. Oddly enough, it appears that Muggles do not even notice the beautiful lights that appear whenever the North Star appears and the plants respond with a multitude of twinkling little lights. It is found in all shallow (5 - 20 feet deep) waters of the Mediterranean.


Fairy Lights is a small plant, looking like miniature air ferns. It grows in groups of 12 to 15 inches in diameter and about 2 inches thick. From a distance they look like flattish pancakes floating on the surface of the water. A greyish-green in colour during the day, they show a spectacular change when it is dusk or night and the North Star twinkles overhead. At that time they appear to be discs of scintillating lights, red, blue, green, gold, silver, white, purple and magenta. They will show this 'face' to the world as long as the sky is clear and the North Star can be seen.


Fairy Lights is rated 1.While totally beautiful, there is no known use for Fairy Lights except to 'gaze upon it'.

Care Of

Fairy Lights cannot be grown out of the Mediterranean. Many attempts have been made to do so and so far no one has been successful.


Many wizards who provide travel services in the Mediterranean area promote night-time voyages of the coves and inner areas of the waters. They advertise their voyages as 'Romantic Tours' and many are the proposals that have been made after floating quietly through the Fairy Lights and their gorgeous night-time colours.
Wizarding families who live in an area close to the Mediterranean which has the Fairy Lights along the shoreline, also use the evening times as a kind of 'family get-together'. There is something very soothing and healing about watching the spectacle and those who are with familial difficulties often find them healed after a few hours of looking at Fairy Lights.

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