Fever-reducing Potion


reduces a fever and its effects

Brewing Time

Under an hour



The Aging Potion was first taught by Professor Doyle Branxton sometime during the 2056 - 2057 school year in Potions Class.


The Fever-reducing Potion is used to reduce a fever and its effects. However, the potion should be in conjunction with other potions as it will only reduce the fever and is not a remedy any underlying problems.


  • 2 g willow bark (dried, crushed)
  • 0.4 g snake fangs (crushed)
  • 2 g horned toads (bowels)
  • 1 porcupine quill


  • place the bowels of horned toads in 500 mL ice water
  • add snake fangs and stir counter-clockwise for 7 minutes on ice
  • add willow bark and stir clockwise 5 times before placing over flame
  • allow mixture to boil for fifteen minutes then, remove from fire
  • stir clockwise for seventy seconds then, add porcupine quills and stir five times clockwise
  • allow potion to cool


Potions Lesson 3, Term 10

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