Filip Clausen


Caleb Deal-030

Full Name:

Filip Clausen

Date of Birth:

2 August 2080

House Affiliation:



163 cm (5"4)

Blood Status:




Filip Clausen is a Finnish-born wizard who currently attends Durmstrang Institute.

Filip was born August of 2080 to a fairly large family. He was first-born to Walt & Aila Clausen, who are wealthy Squibs working in the Magical Law Enforcement in the Finnish Ministry of Magic bridging the connection between Muggles and Wizards. Given their history of being wizards, Filip considers himself Pureblooded despite the skip. He has two younger muggle siblings, Heidi and Ilmari and one older brother who was adopted, Jalo. At the age of eight, Filip attended the Norway Primary Wizarding School before graduating in 2091 before his eleventh birthday.

Despite having Squib parents, his family's reputation bypassed Durmstrang Institute's history on not admitting muggle-born students. To them he was considered a Pure-blood despite the "hiccup" in the magical inheritances. Jalo escorted Flip to the boarding ship embarking him on the adventure. His parents decided to keep his schooling a secret from his younger siblings who were unfortunate to not inherit the magical ability. This became the start of his growing distance from them.