Fire Breathing Potion


Drinker can breathe fire for 7 to 10 minutes

Brewing Time

30 minutes



The Fire Breathing Potion was first taught by Professor Cosgrach Culloden during the 2082- 2083 school year and is dark blue in color.


This potion allows a person to breathe fire for 7 to 10 minutes. Other uses include healing scars and curing light illnesses such as the flu, due to having salamander blood as an ingredient. It is not meant to be consumed, only held in the mouth while breathing, and drinking it causes burning sensations and belching.


  • water
  • 3 goose feathers (chopped finely enough that they look like powder)
  • 5 square centimetres of parasites (mycosis fungus)
  • roughly 2 square centimeters fire-crab shell (prepared)
  • 1 fire slug
  • 8 drops of salamander blood
  • flobberworm mucus (amount depends on how much rigidity one wants)


  • fill 1/3 of cauldron with water
  • add powdered goose feather
  • clean wooden stick
  • stir clockwise with stick until mixture looks homogeneous
  • turn heater to high
  • crush the parasites for 30 seconds or so with mortar and pestle
  • fill mortar with water (shake to mix better
  • slowly add crushed parasites to potion
  • stir counterclockwise 7 times and turn off heater
  • let mixture it cool until all vapor is gone (about five minutes)
  • lower fire crab shell just under the surface with a metal spoon (do not splash)
  • stir once clockwise and once counterclockwise, repeat (12 times total, ten seconds per stir)
  • remove fire crab shell from cauldron, then wait for a minute
  • cut slug vertically in two and add slug bits
  • stay away from cauldron (surface should explode and start burning harmlessly)
  • put out fire before it spreads to the whole surface using breath only
  • add 8 drops of salamander blood
  • alternate between two stirs counterclockwise and two stirs clockwise, repeat four times (16 stirs total, potion should be dark blue)
  • optional: add flobberworm mucus to keep potion in your mouth better (no more than a tablespoon)


Potions Lesson 1, Term 36

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