An unlikely threat, this toadstool is pin-shaped in size. Equipped with a fail-proof means for camouflage, the Flaming Buffalo Toadstool is indeed practically invisible. When visible, as it can be found during the night, the cap is a pale tan to a dark brown in colour depending upon drought conditions. The stalk is extremely thin but very short; its roots are minuscule and reside at the surface. However it has this unique property to instantly retract these roots and then fall over. This curious behaviour can be explained by the proceeding events. Once it has fallen over, the toadstool bursts into an instantaneous flame fuelled by various chemical reactions within the stalk and the cap.


During the summer seasons, the Flaming Buffalo Toadstool is one of the main reasons why the prairies catch on fire. Muggles explain away this phenomenon by the so-called heat and susceptibility of the native plants but in truth it is this small pin of a toadstool responsible for annual wildfire. The flaming Buffalo Toadstool is rated 2, somewhat interesting. They pose no immediate danger and have no known useful properties.

Care Of

The Flaming Buffalo Toadstool reproduces each year during these burning seasons. Millions of microscopic spores are thrown into the air and are flame resistant, allowing them to float unharmed for hours. These spores are extremely attracted to buffalo fur and, if given a choice, would manipulate itself towards a poor buffalo. These hairy beasts then roam into the plains, the ideal environment for this toadstool. Herbologists have not been successful in cultivating these toadstools outside of their natural environment.


As of now, there is no market value for these toadstools, seeing as they are nearly impossible to find and even more difficult to cultivate once taken out of their biomes.

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