An up and coming restaurant, The Flaming Horntail, is popular amongst the young adults of Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. Wooden tables are scattered about half of the restaurant and cushioned booths take up space along the darkly colored walls. Photos of local and famous visitors cover some of the walls where windows are absent, and if one were to look closely, they could spot a bit of skillful graffiti etched into the walls. The bar tends to be packed during sporting events both magical and muggle, and one of the owners, all of who are recent graduates themselves, can always be spotted roaming about.

Despite the loud music and university students pouring out of the brick building at all times of the day (and often late nights) this place is family friendly, holding several events to entertain the permanent residents of Fountainbridge. One such event is the monthly cooking lessons held by part owner Georgina “Genie” Freeman. The muggles always wonder how the place transforms so quickly, but wizards know its magic that banishes the tables, replacing them with cooking stations, all the needed supplies and ingredients sitting neatly on each station or in the drawers.


Recipes offered in cooking class

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