Fortune Cookies were first introduced by Professor Cassiopeia Morgan in one of her Divination lessons sometime during 2083-2084. In this lesson, the Professor incorporated the use of Astrological signs and their horoscope to make "fortunes" to be put inside the cookies they baked.

What's In A Cookie

Fortune cookies have little pieces of paper inside them that give advice, inspirational quotes, lucky numbers, and in some parts of the world Chinese sayings.

Origin & Variations

There is a debate on where fortune cookies actually came from. But since many have related the treats to Chinese, it was considered that they may have originated from China.

In China, their version is that the cookie is bigger and the piece of paper is wedged into the bend not fully inside.

In the American version, or which is more familiar to the majority of the world, the fortune cookies have the piece of paper inside them. These cookies are usually served with Chinese food.


Divination Lesson 2, In the Kitchen, Term 37

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