Swish-and-Facelift Charm


Frontis Allevatus (FRON-TISS AL-EH-VAY-TUSS)

Wand Movements

Single swish




Lifts facial wrinkles

The Swish-and Facelift Charm was taught by Professor Fuller sometime during the mysteriously aging School Term 36 (2082-2083). This was to address the sudden, unexplained aging of more than half the Hogwarts population. Students and Professors alike. Oh my!


From the name of the charm, it can be understood that its effect is to lift facial wrinkles. But a single swish will fail to do the trick. It takes a few more tries to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles.

However, too many times will have you looking like a balloon at its limit.

Related Spell/s

Senectus Reversus


Charms Lesson 2, Term 36

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