Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve (GRR)
Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve




The treatment and care of sick, injured or orphaned dragons with the goal of releasing healed animals back to their natural habitats in the wild and the rehabilitation of endangered species of dragons through captive breeding.


Galloway Forest Park

Gallowayforestpark   <p style="line-height:135%;">The Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve (GRR) in Galloway Forest Park, is the only non-profit rehabilitation reserve in the United Kingdom equipped with immediate and continual expertise and services specializing in dragonology. The GRR was established in response to the increased need for medical care of injured, ill and orphaned wild dragons along with the steady decline of dragon species. While the primary goal of GRR is to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned dragons, restore them to full health and return them to the wild as functioning members of their wild population, the reserve has expanded in 2073 to include a Fertility and Captive Breeding Centre. With a medical staff of 16, and a large volunteer staff composing primarily of university students studying magizoology and dragonology, GRR is one of the largest and busiest wildlife medical centers in the wizarding world.  

work in progress

Known Staff

Kurumi Rasting - Dragon Fertility Specialist

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