Glisseo Charm



Wand Movements

Simple point at target object




Turns the surface of the target object smooth as ice

The Glisseo charm is a spell that turns the surface of the target object from rough or uneven to smooth.

Its incantation is just like its name implies...glisseo pronounced Gliss-SAY-oh. Its name comes from the French word, Glissière, meaning 'to slide.' To cast the charm, just point your wand at the object you want to change, concentrate, and say the incantation.

This charm was created by the works of JK Rowling and is part of HP Canon. However there is connection to various lessons and incidents involved as part of the SSRPG.

The Glisseo charm was taught by Headmistress Cassandra Rae-Branxton in Term 19 at Belle's School as well as in the fall of Term 28 by Professor Jared Descoteaux.

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