Birthday: 2035

Place of origin: Nice, France, but now lives in a small town outside of London

Height: 5'4"

Hair: long, straight dirty blonde hair, put in a different style every day

Eyes: dark blue

Blood: father pure blood wizard; mother half veela, half witch

Personality: very friendly and outgoing and willing to help most people. loves to teach everyone, and likes most people. gets in a bad mood every so often, and also seems very strange during certain times of the year...

Wand: 9 inch willow with veela hair core

Profession: Divination teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Grace's mother and father live together in France. Her father used to work for the Ministry, but quit in 2052 and started a broom shop. Her mother stayed at home, taking care of Grace's grandmother and the rest of the family. Grace has two sisters; Abby, who was born in 2040, and Michelle who was born in 2047. Grace also had an older brother, Charlie, who died when she was 17.


Grace moved with her family to London when she was 7 years old. She had been seeing her older brother go to wizarding school, and was very excited when she got her letter from Hogwarts. Grace was sorted into Hufflepuff, and loved her Divination and Herbology classes the best. She was also very interested in what her father was doing at his job. He never talked about it at home, and whenever someone asked, he would just reply "nothing for you to worry about". Grace tried to find some clue of what he was doing, but could never figure it out.

When she was 16, Grace first found out that she was a Seer. Her parents figured she might, since every women on her father's side of the family was a Seer. Grace liked gaining her new powers for a while, but after a while a few strange things happened, but she just brushed them to the side. After she left Hogwarts, she went to work in the robes shop in Hogsmede. Three years later, Grace got a letter from Hogwarts, asking if she'd like to teach the Divination class. Grace was very happy and excited about the upcoming year, yet hadn't heard much about everything going on at the school, and had no idea what was coming.

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