The gunard was introduced to Hogwarts students by Headmaster Kobus Hendrik in Care of Magical Creatures class during Term 8. Additional information can be found in What Lies Beneath by P.H. Athoms.

Although the gunard can be found in oceans worldwide, they are typically found in deep water.


The gunard is a relatively small fish with spiky projections around the gill area. These spikes are located at the front of the fish's body and link directly into the nervous system. They are able to create a small electrical charge in these projections that can be used for defence or in catching prey, although the charge does not travel far in water. The fish will charge its foe, impaling it with one or boht of the spikes and allowing the charge to stun the foe. Beneath the spikes, the gunard has several rows of razor sharp teeth that are used to consume the prey while it is stunned but still alive.

The gunard likely has a common ancestor with the rockfish, as both have similar physical traits.


Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 1, Term 8

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