Haniros Charm



Wand Movements

Tap the head, wand-side shoulder, and opposite shoulder with the wand succession.




Reverses the effects of the Tirinum and Portanis charms

The Haniros Charm reverses the effects of the Tirinum and Portanis charms. The spell was taught by Professor Dyreth sometime during 2050-2051.[1]

Appearance and Effects

The Tirinum and Portanis charms both cause the spell caster's physical appearance to change to the eye of the observer. Haniros will end the effect of both charms, although Finite Incantatem should work as well.

The spell caster must focus on their original appearance and the reversal of the changes they made as they tap their head, their wand-side shoulder, and their opposite shoulder once each with the wand, reciting the incantation once.


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