Hate Potion


Causes the drinker to hate the first person he or she sees first

Brewing Time

3 days



A variation of the Hate Potion originally introduced by Potions Mistress Hecate Lafay, this concoction was taught by Professor Cosgrach Culloden sometime during 2084-2085.


It makes you hate the first person you see, sharpens your tongue: you are very ready to point out the faults of that person


  • 1 jobberknoll feather
  • half a unicorn tail hair
  • three leech head
  • half a ginger root
  • ten carrots
  • a bunch of knotgrass
  • one wormwood
  • ten crow feathers
  • one common spider
  • two crocodile teeth


  1. Add the jobberknoll feather without any water or fire
  2. Lay half the unicorn hair onto the feather vertically.
  3. Add a litre of water
  4. Add the leech heads one by one
  5. With a metal stick, stir it clockwise for ten times (Clean the metal stick before and after using)
  6. Add half the ginger root
  7. Wait for two minutes
  8. Add ten cubes of ice all at once
  9. Wait until they melt and grate five of the carrots in the meantime. Add the ungrated ones at once, and sprinkle the grated ones
  10. Tie the wormwood around knotgrass and add them (If everything has been right, the steam will make you nauseous)
  11. Stir eleven times clockwise with wooden stick. Do clean it before using.
  12. Add two crow feathers. Stir once clockwise with metal stick. Add another two feathers and stir clockwise with metal stick again. Go on like this until all feathers are added. Do not stir after the last couple of feathers. (You don't have to remove metal every time to clean it - just keep it inside the cauldron until last feather is added.)
  13. Add the spider
  14. Add one crocodile tooth, wait until the potion grumbles, then add the second
  15. Wait until the potion turns your favourite colour (takes about 3 days)


  • Colour: is the favourite colour of the person who's looking at it
  • The taste is bitter and will remain for a day
  • Duration: Depends on the drinker - if they are prone to hatred, it'll be longer (roungly 3-5 hours)
  • Effect on drinker: He/she will experience fatigue once the effect wears of


Potions 1, Term 38

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