Hate Potion


Causes the drinker to hate another

Brewing Time

3 hours



The Hate Potion was taught by Potions Mistress Hecate Lafay sometime during the 2075 - 2076 school year in Potions Class. Another variation of the Hate Potion was taught by Professor Cosgrach Culloden sometime during 2084-2085.


This potion is used to make the drinker hate another. It can be used on non-human creatures as Professor Lafay instructed students to use it on pygmy puffs if they felt as though there was no one who really cared for them.


  • 1 gallon of Lemon Juice
  • 2 oz of Fluxweed sap
  • 3 bunches Knotgrass
  • 1 drams Horntail dragon scales
  • 6 oz essence of devil's snare
  • 2 Biting Toadstools fangs
  • 8 oz of Quandury blood, distilled
  • A sample of the person's DNA who is to be hated.
  • Fire


  • pour lemon juice into cauldron
  • simmer lemon juice
  • add fluxweed
  • stire 24 times EXACTLY
  • lay Knotgrass down in a single layer
  • chop it up with your silver knife and add it to cauldron
  • wearing dragonhide gloves, crush horntail dragon scales in mortar to a fine powder
  • while STILL wearing the gloves, sprinkle into cauldron
  • stir clockwise while adding the 6 oz of essence of devil's snare
  • place two biting toatstool fangs in CLEAN mortar & crush until they have the consistency of sugar granules
  • laddle a little of the fluid from cauldron and put it in the mortar
  • allow the fang granules to dissolve fully and add contents of the mortar to cauldron
  • pour distilled Quandury blood into the cauldron
  • pluck a piece of hair from your head and add it
  • wave your wand over your cauldron in a circular motion and cast Odiosus
  • allow potion to brew for 2 hours


Potions Lesson 1; Term 29

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