Holly american

Muggle Holly. (similar to Haunted Holly)

Many will dispute whether or not our next entry truly belongs in a book on the subject of "flesh-eating trees". This is because there is no evidence proving without doubt that the Haunted Holly actually devours anything. You see, this tricky tree is surrounded by ghosts that many believe have been consumed by the tree. They may have been eaten by the tree, but no ghost that has ever haunted this particular variety of tree, has ever remembered how it actually died.
We are certain that someday evidence will prove that these souls are lurking at the very site of their demise, and that their attacker will surely prove to be the Haunted Holly tree they now call home.

Appearance and Whereabouts:

Haunted Holly's are almost exact replicas of the mundane tree they share their names with. The mundane Holly tree has very similar foliage and grows in very similar environmental conditions. They also both grow berries, though on the mundane tree its berries are a brilliant red and often used to decorate at Christmas. The Haunted Holly's berries are a shade of electric blue. This will help in identifying this tree, should you stumble across one while travelling. The Haunted Holly is a bit of a loner. It prefers to grow alone in open fields or meadows. Many have speculated that this works in the trees favour, as it may offer a bit of shade to weary travellers, lure them in and then devour them whole while no one is looking.


Extensive study of the ghosts' wardrobes, has led researchers to believe that these trees only eat about once a century. Some haunted hollies have up to ten ghosts surrounding them. While many of the entities may not show themselves at first, if you spend a small amount of time around the Haunted Holly, they will eventually reveal themselves. The victims come from varied backgrounds, and the one common thread linking them to together, is the memory they have shortly before becoming ghosts. They all remember an extremely loud cracking noise and then complete darkness.

Many of these trees have been studied diligently. Most scientists believe the tree strikes the victims head with single blow from its heavy branches and then devours them whole leaving no trace of evidence behind. Until we catch an actual attack happening, we have no way to determine if these trees are in fact ruthless hunters, or if they are being accused of crimes they didn't commit. Until we can prove they are completely innocent, we will include them on our list of flesh-eating trees to be on the lookout for!

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