A Young Hawan Fungi.

Hawan Fungi is a fungus best used to winterize other plants in cold weather. It was introduced to Hogwarts students by Professor Phoebe Phoenix in Term 7.


The Hawan Fungi takes on the appearance of white, round puffball. It requires very little soil to survive, and the plant thrives especially during winter/cold weather. Poking the plant lightly will cause it to contract.


The directions to create a nutrient mixture for this fungus are as follows: Fill a spray bottle halfway with clear water. Add a sachet of crushed doxy droppings. Mix slowly. Finally, add cobalt diluted in water, continuing to stir.

Each spritz of this mixture will cause the fungi to double in side so long as there is soil available.


It is best to handle Hawan Fungi with dragonhide gloves.


Although the Hawan Fungi has no inherant uses as a potions ingredient, it can act as a means to keep other plants warm and protected from the cold in winter months. The fungus will peel away from the soil in thin, fuzzy sheets and can be packed around plants to winterize them. They keep out of the soil for use for a period of time after harvest.


Herbology Lesson 2, Term 7

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