He's a Keeper


Colin MacKenzie


Autobiography, Quidditch

Publication Date

March 4, 2078


Obscurus Books

He's a Keeper, published in March 2078, is an account of a Quidditch player's journey to fortune and fame. Written by former captain and keeper of the English National Quidditch team Colin MacKenzie, the book is a result of his abrupt retirement and is the official announcement of MacKenzie's return to his Quidditch roots as the Montrose Magpies coach.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (written by ?)
  • The Flying Lesson
  • Practise Makes Perfect
  • That's Captain MacKenzie to You
  • Oh, the Rookie Days
  • Becoming the 'Hot Scot'
  • A Captain Once Again
  • It's Called Good Sportsmanship
  • We Are the Champions
  • The Knockout
  • Over the Hill: Now What?

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