A cadre of Healing Charms were taught to Charms students during Term 20 by Healer Intern Cassandra Trelawney.

Auris is the incantation for the spell used to cure middle ear infections. The wand motion is two clockwise swirls around the infected ear and then the wand is pulled back towards the caster.

Erasum is the incantation for the spell used to cure cat scratch disease, a fever-inducing infection caused when bacteria enters a scratch caused by a feline. The spell may also be useful for curing other infected scratches. It must be cast within 2 weeks of the scratch to be most effective. The wand motion is a zig-zag over the scratch.

Resarcio is the incantation for the spell used to shift a dislocated limb back into the socket. It also administers pain relief, as the process of moving the bones into joint is very painful. The wand motion is a slow slash down followed by an upward jerk.

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