The Hippocampus was first introduced in Care of Magical Creatures class during Term 5 by Professor Hendrik. It is described as having the head and forequarters of a horse, and the tail of a giant fish. 

There are twelve known different varieties in the Mediterranean; all saltwater, and threee freshwater species. to be specific. In latin, the saltwater species is also known as Amphitrites equinusaum livororis, meaning 'Poseidon's colorful seahorse'. Named after Poseidon's wife, Amphitrite.


The Hippocampus originated in Greece and are mainly found in the Mediterranean. However in 1949, one was caught off the shores of Scotland by merepeople before being domesticated by them. 

Magical Uses

It is possible that the slimy film found on the skin of the Hippocampus could have some sort of memory retention properties. Most all marine life has this type of mucusy film to protect themselves from their watery environment. Hippocampus studies have been very limited in the past due to their reclusive nature and the fact that they are mainly found in the Mediterranean


Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 3; Term 5

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