Professor Gemma Elizabeth Cerulean has put up a board on the side of her door. This board is dedicated to the Jolly Roger Pirate flags and stories from the History Of Magic Lesson 2 Homework, inspired by the mysterious old ship that had appeared at the lake in 2074-2075.

The Legend of Bloody Mary Kidd; Shared/Written by: Louisa Carter (Magical Soul)

In a village where fishing and pearls hunting were the only reasons there were any jobs at all in there, lived a legend for generations. It scared the young as much as the elders. For hundreds of years, a ghost was believed to be haunting one of the harbors in the village. There were three harbors and one of them completely shut down for years.
Anna and her friends swore to unfold the secret behind that secret. She was raised in a tough house. A pirate uncle took her under his wing despite her mother's refusal and she was a courageous tactless and proud young lady. Her uncle's ships invaded the open harbors for five years and now she had her eyes resting on the third one. Two other of her friends join her in a trip to the vacant place as a Piracy Worth Test.
Jesse, Kevin and Anna walk after midnight, when the ghost is said to be awake, to the harbor. It is summer and the water is calm and as dark as the sky. Everything is normal as the three fifteen year old teens approach the fallen log that separate their territory from the ghost's. Vines and other weeds have grown on this piece of wood and crept further toward the water. Anna had her uncle's small dagger, Kevin got a butcher knife while Jesse held her dad's rifle. "We command thee to appear before us!" Anna shouted once they jumped over the fallen log. Nothing happened. Kevin took a few steps closer and threw something from his hand. It looked like sand. "MY grandmother said she knew ghosts craved their grave's dust." He said trying so hard not to let his voice shake. As soon as he uttered the last word, he fell on his face and screamed one long sharp scream.
Jesse fired in the air accidentally after shrieking too while Anna ducked and held her dagger on the ready. "Show yourself!" She yelled and Kevin was silent for a second then he stood up and faced the two girls. Despite the utter darkness, Anna could see that something was wrong with him. And there was. The minute he opened his mouth and a hoarse female voice came out, "Who dare step on my land!" he said angrily, "Shall be punished! And who dares awaken me from the sleep shall be dead!" Jesse started whimpering while Anna stood upright, the dagger with common Pirates symbols sketched on it in her hand, spoke, "I ask the truth. Why can't we get this part of our own village!" Kevin fell silent for a whole moment then he said in that same horrible voice, "How dare you ask Bloody Mary Kidd the truth when you don't have the price!" Anna looked around and found nothing. "We hadn't brought anything for you! We may pay later once we know!" Kevin shrieked madly, "You filthy little girl! You think I, the magnificent Pirate of all times, want trophies! I have collected trophies for as long as my age let me! I have wandered the seven seas and killed as many Aristocrats as my dagger let me! I want nothing from your filthy possessions! I ask you to return my sacred dagger for my soul cannot rest without the evidence of my bloody days."
"We know nothing of your so-called sacred dagger. We only want our harbor back!" Anna replied angrily herself. Kevin (Bloody Mary Kidd)a horrible giggle, "I admire your courage, filthy girl! But you do own it! It was stolen from me a decade ago and it unsettled my death's sleep." Anna shook her head and answered bravely, "You're lying! This harbor's been possessed for longer than a decade!" Her dagger shivered in her hand and started to glow, Anna dropped it taken aback by the sudden change and it started slipping away from her. She launched herself for it and found herself down at Kevin's feet, her hands around the glowing dagger. The symbols were clearer and humming was coming out of the thing. Kevin, the ghost, looked down at Anna and fixated his gaze on the dagger. "That is my sacred dagger!" He shouted but seemed to be frozen. Anna grabbed the dagger and stood up, "that is not mine. It's my uncle and he earned it in his Pirate Worth Test. I can't let you have it." Kevin shouted again, "I get my dagger, you get your harbor!"

"What's so special about it anyways?" Anna said smirking. Kevin raised his hands to the sky and thunder suddenly barked above them.

He started to talk as the rain poured dogs and cats, "I was the first Pirate ever in my area! While our people craved witchcraft I went for Piracy. I was an outcast and they tried to hunt me down to curse me! I built my own boat until I reached a place where people spoke another language. They mothered me and I went through test after test to be a reliable Pirate. I dug my way out of the ground with my own nails, I abandoned my feminine clothes, I killed robbers and drunks, and I swore to pay the debt of being a Pirate to my boss. He gave me a usual dagger on my first journey on the ship. We faced armies, sea creatures and fancy wealthy boats. We raided all of them with success. I had been away for ten years and my place has changed a lot that I didn't recognize it when we landed there. My people did. They formed a gang and raided on us while we were asleep. I found myself strapped to a log on tree near the sea as an old lady chanted some magic over my head. I blacked out at once and woke up next to find my dagger on my waist and my back full of symbols. Sooner I knew that I was damned. My dagger and I were bonded together and forever. My soul would never rest unless the dagger tastes blood. The more it tastes it, the more settling I feel." Kevin paused and Jesse was crying silently behind Anna who gaped at the ghost's story. "Now, you know. Give me my dagger and have your harbor!" Kevin bellowed.
For a minute, Anna's mind made some conclusions fast. The ghost needed the bloody dagger to be settled. She'd need blood. She'd be stronger. And that old lady bounded her to the dagger forever. Even if they had the harbor, she'd come back and kill the whole village which must be what happened to their ancestors when they unfolded this ghost's story and returned the dagger to her. It didn't take Anna more than a second to decide what to do. "I am sorry Kevin." She shouted and launched at him with the dagger up in the air, screaming along with the thunder barking… the dagger came down and sliced the boy's heart.
Kevin had died and the spirit of Bloody Mary Kidd shattered. Anna had the dagger melted at the blacksmith and guaranteed the harbor for her people. She was the next female Pirate in a whole century… after Bloody Mary Kidd, but Anna lived to be not an outcast but the true magnificent Pirate of her era.

The Legend of Iron Charity Kidd; Shared/Written by: Chloe Morets (Herminny)

This is not your traditional pirate story.
You see Iron Kidd was one was one of the roghest toughest pirates ever known.

No one even knew she was a girl unless she told you herself. You had to be worthy of an honor like that, she has to respect you as an equall which does not happen often. Most die in their first battle with her. She is seaman and takes no prisoners. As a child she was raised to be tough fighter by her father Iron Fist. It was on his death bed that he told her to takeover as captain of his ship and she did.

As a pirate traveling all over the world she saw absolutely horrible conditions that some people lived in that softened even her hadened heart.

It did not break her, it just made her want to do something about it. Sure she had sunk many pirate ships but none of that compared to the death and distruction she witnessed in some of the most destitute areas. She did not want to quit her life on the seas so she came up with a plan that she would give food and money to these foriegn lands from some of the loot she she gained as a pirate.

Word travelled quickly of her giving and before long people had a new nickname for this young pirate and she was not ashamed of it.

She was still as rough and tough as ever and anyone who thinks differently will pay the price in due time.

The Legend of Mad Tom Kidd aka Sir Edward Ubforth; Shared/Written by: Eino Uronen (Starbreeze)

Sir Edward Ubforth (a.ka. Mad Tom Kidd) was a pirate like no other. He was better known for being an old friend of Elizabeth Tudor; he had known her even before she became the queen of England. After her coronation, Ubforth was knighted and entrusted the title as one of the protectors of the queen and of England. However, due to Elizabeth’s questionable lineage and claim to the throne, England became a target for other countries in Europe. In fact, during her early years, the country’s throne was seen as vacant, and anyone who could conquer it would be the new king. Elizabeth needed to raise an army, but she didn’t have the financial means to do so. This was when Ubforth suggested that they attack Spanish ships coming from the New World and steal their treasures in order to pay their army. In desperation, Elizabeth invested the last of England’s treasury on Ubforth and his plan to quick fortune. Before his departure, she gave him a letter, so that he could keep her in his memory. She told him to read it when “he most needed her.”
Ubforth gathered a crew of twenty men, all of whom were recently knighted, and set out to sea on a ship named The Red Dragon. Since these men were all well known they had to change their names in order to hide their true identity, which led Ubforth to be named Mad Tom Kidd. All of his crew knew of his plan and they all considered him mad, so that is where that came from. Tom used to be Elizabeth’s pet name for him when he was a child, and Kidd was a nickname he had obtained for being the shortest of the crew members. Mad Tom Kidd led The Red Dragon into the ocean in hopes of finding as much loot as possible in the least amount of time. However, their ship was relatively smaller than the Spanish ships and their crews not as large, so they couldn’t attack their ships.
One of Mad Tom Kidd’s idea was that they would trick the ships into thinking they were approaching Spain, when in fact it was a mysterious island. They would achieve this by using magic. They would transfigure parts of the body of water into land and disguise it. When the Spanish ships approached it, Mad Tom Kidd and his crew would reverse the spell and all of the crew would drown, then they summon their gold. They also used the Disillusionment Charm on The Red Dragon to keep it hidden and follow Spanish ships closely, and then summon storms so powerful that the ships would sink and the crew members drown. One time, however, this plan went amiss. They managed to sink the ship, but they did so under a colony of merpeople. The wizards tried to summon their gold but couldn’t because the merpeople were so angry that they refused to let go of the it. Mad Tom Kidd, who could speak Mermish, tried to persuade them but the merpeople would not do it. Eventually, a battle broke out between the two groups, and the merpeople lost, but threatened to ruin their future piracy plans. This didn’t discourage the crew. In fact, they mocked the merpeople, because there wasn’t much they could do.
They had been at sea for nearly two months now and they had triple the money they needed to pay for an army and a navy, but they grew greedy and instead of returning, they continued to engage in piracy. One day, when they were waiting for a new ship to attack, the sea started to shake violently. They tried to use magic to counter the waves but the tsunami was too powerful and it didn’t seem to be natural. All of the sudden, a monster with multiple heads emerged from the water, panicking the entire crew. It was a hydra, or the sea-serpent, an enormous and dangerous monster that was not easily defeated. While the ship was under attack, Mad Tom Kidd thought of the letter Elizabeth had given him. He tore it open and on it there were three words: Exsuscito Draconis Oppugno. He spoke them without hesitation and instantly the ship was consumed by fire. All of the gold they had been stealing for almost three months was now melting onto the ship. Mad Tom Kidd and the rest of the pirates jumped off ship and watched as the flames consumed the ship, when all of the sudden it exploded and the ship turned into a huge red dragon. The gold wasn’t gone, however; instead it had melted onto the dragon, covering nearly half of its body. The dragon and hydra both fought, but in spite of the dragon’s victory, the hydra had been sent by the merpeople, who had been waiting for the crew. When the remaining few survivors were in the water, the merpeople ambushed them and killed them all, including Mad Tom Kidd.
The dragon, covered in gold, returned to his mistress, Queen Elizabeth, who mourned the loss of her dear childhood friend. However, Edward Ubforth’s journey wasn’t in vain. Elizabeth was able to extract the gold from the dragon and use it to raise her army, which was able to secure her status as queen and safety of her realm.

The Legend of Simon De Lionette; Shared/Written by: Simon Bennett (Macavity)

Simon De Lionette was born the relatively normal life of the son of merchant and a housewife in Carlisle, England. His schooling was mostly home-taught with the help of his parents and books until he was of age to start at a proper wizarding school . It was believed he was to eventually follow in his father's footsteps seeing as the business was a family one. However due to a dramatic turn in his life, an attack on his family in search of a magical artifact that had been in the family for decades, that wasn't to be the case any longer...he was to follow in his maternal great grandfather's. A life tied to the sea.
To retrieve the stolen artifact and fix the family honor, Simon traveled to the nearest seacoast and arranged board on a muggle ship sailing to the Carribean. It was there he learned the various ways of sea life. The seventeen year old quickly working his way from passenger to deck hand after making a deal with the captain and his crew. For a while he lived on the good side, the merchant ship being a positive experience that eventually introduced De Lionette to various cultures both magical and muggle.
Unfortunately when the ship was attacked of the coast of Montserrat in the guise of a mermaid sighting. It was a deadly fight brought on by the fact that the attackers were wizards, uncaringly shooting spells and using their magic to attack and kill most of the crew unable to proect themselves. Being a wizard himself, Simon chose to fight back rather then fall under the rules of the British Ministry of magic in hopes to save his life. It was the notice of this ability that in turn sparred his life as he was coerced to serve the new captain.
His life seemed dark and drab until one night Simon overheard the braggings of the second mate, a few too many drinks having loosened his usually strict lips. It seemed he had been in the party that had ransacked De Lionette's home, stealing the wand and almost killing his mother. Simon vowed from his hiding place he would get it back one day, planning revenge on the man and his companions. It took a few weeks but after a storm tossed the man to the gridelow-infested waters, the young man took the opportunity of helping rescue the sailor as a debt to be repaid. And using a stolen wand made the second mate pay in full, handing over the stolen family treasure before Simon erased his memory of the incidents surrounding it.

The Legend of Dread Pirate Cookie; Shared/Written by: Karumi Hollingberry (sweetpinkpixie)

The young girl who became known to the world as the Dread Pirate Cookie: Tamer of the Skies, grew up in a small village on the edge of the sea. Cookie was an innocent young girl who one day dreamed of opening up her own bakery and living out a peaceful existence with her beloved cat. She had found the cat washed up on the shore one day, which she found very odd since cats are not known to swim in the sea. Around the cat’s neck was a small red stone that glowed like liquid fire, but quickly faded when she touched it. Seeing that the cat was badly wounded, she had taken the cat in and they became inseparable after that.
On her 16th birthday, Cookie heard a loud knock at the door. Just as she was about to open the door, her cat jumped in front of her with his hair standing on end. This was very unusual behavior for the cat, so she simply scooped him up and proceeded to open the door. Suddenly, everything went black as something was thrown over her and she felt her feet leave the ground. She was then dragged through her village by an unseen force. Screaming for help, Cookie pulled and tugged at her fabric prison while her cat softly licked her cheek. She couldn’t understand why no one noticed a bag being dragged of its own accord through the streets. It was clear that they heard her, for people were turning their heads, but no one moved to help.
After what seemed like hours, Cookie found herself dropped to the floor and suddenly a group of rugged men appeared as if a veil had been lifted from them. They spoke of something called an invisibility cloak, but it made little sense to her.

“Are you sure this is the right one?” barked one as he pointed something at Cookie that looked like a stick.

“Yes, she is the proper age,” the other snapped back doing the same with a slightly different colored stick. “Alright there miss, change.”
Not knowing what was going on, Cookie felt tears in her eyes. Change? Change into what? Nothing made sense.
“You heard me!” the man bellowed again as his pegged leg stomped on the floor in frustration. “I SAID CHANGE!”
Suddenly, the cat beside her leaped in front of her and in the next instant there stood a handsome young man. “Petrificus Totalus “ he commanded in a voice as thick as chocolate. In the next instance, the two men were face down on the floor as still as statues.
“Forgive me Cookie, for keeping myself hidden from you all this time,” he said turning around to face her. “When you found me on the beach that day, I had changed into my animal form to hide from these Sky Clan. They have been after my kingdom and my throne for years now while I have been seeking someone with the purest of hearts to help my kingdom. That is why I have been here with you for all these years. To observe you and see if you are the maiden I have dreamed about since I was a young man. The maiden who will gather the four sacred ingredients and save my kingdom from starvation.”
“M-M-Me? F-F-Four ingredients?”
“Yes, one from each of the scared directions. Together, they will be able to summon the great phoenix that will use its tears to bring my country back to life. We have been suffering from a plague for centuries. A plague caused by the darkest of magic. You, dear Cookie, possess the most powerful form of magic: love. You are capable of loving deeper than any other person I have ever met. Will you, give me the honor of coming with me? I can summon my ship right away.” His hand reached for the red rock that hung around his next.
Before Cookie could answer, there was a loud roar and the sound of paws prancing on the cobbled stone. The door flung open and standing there were no less than 20 griffins in harnesses. Her eyes widened, and she peered around the door’s frame to see a great ship with masts that seemed to touch the stars themselves. Its sales were the most delicate of lavenders and is wood smelled of vanilla.
“The journey will be a fierce one full with danger, for the ingredients we seek to bake the Cookie of Life are hard to come by,” the boy replied taking her hand. “Such is the life of a sky pirate.”
“P-P-Pirate?” she squeaked.
“Yes,” he nodded. “Not all pirates are evil. We are simply taking back what has already been ours.”
And thus, young Cookie cast her old life aside and joined the young prince on the quest to finding the four ingredients from the four scared directions that would bring his land peace.

The Legend of Elvira the Invisible; Shared/Written by: Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana)

Elvira flag
I'm not a pirate. I'm not even a person. You don't see me, and you have absolutely no idea that I even exist. I'm Elvira the Invisible, and I was given that name at the mere age of seven by one of my old Muggle school teachers. You see, Ole Miss Byron claims that I was the kind of kid who could sneak right on by you, right up under your nose even, and make a grab for anything you owned and be off with it before you even knew it! Once, she claimed I stole an apple off her desk. It was missing, and she'd seen me out on the playground chomping down on it. She said it was her apple, and that I'd somehow gotten a hold of it right up under her very nose. My question to her, though, was--you keep apples under your nose?
...but you wanna know my secret? I am the kind of kid who can sneak right on by you, right up under your nose even, and make a grab for anything you own and be off with it before you even know it. I learned the trick of the trade from my father, Elmer the Invisible. So once I figured out how good I was, I found me a crew of classmates, and together we formed a group of paperclip-stealing, lunch money-grabbing, apple-eating pirates who rule the playground! That's our ship over there. *points to monkey bars* We call it the Ship 'o Thieves, because that's what we are--thieves. PIRATES OF THE PLAYGROUND!
My friends don't know I'm magical. I'm ten now, and they all think I'm moving off to some boarding school next year for top of the line playground pirates. I'm going to Hogwarts, I know. They don't know that, though. They also don't know that I once saved them from a man-eating FLOBBERWORM right outside on our very playground. It was slithering and a slimming toward us, but I thought fast and threw my stolen apple at it. That flobberworm wasn't slithering and a slimming much anymore after that. Then this other time, I spotted a clabbert just across the field. My classmates thought someone had done lit up a Christmas tree right in the middle of February, but I just told them that was the tree I stashed the ship's spotlights in, and they all believed me.
Then on a third occasion, my family's delivery owl had gotten loose. It flew right on up to the monkey bars known as our ship and delivered a treasure map to me! It was a treasure map I tell ya--a real one! I didn't let my friends see it, though. They would have found out that Pooky the Owl had accidentally delivered me a piece of paper that told my daddy he needed to pay our light bill straight away or else. I ended up telling my friends a band of thieves was after our ship's spotlights. Well, it was sort of true. Someone was after our lights... Oh, and this one time, I brought my father's real magical wand to school with me! I told all my friends it was an ancient object stolen from the King of Spain, and that if I happened to get mad at them and swish and flick it about, they'd turn into a monkey and be confined to the ship for life!
My friends have just named me Captain of the ship. Captain Elvira the Invisible, they call me. I got my title by saving them all from this MAD HAG who tried to attack just last Tuesday. (Psst--Miss Byron is the hag. I know this, because she has a wart on her CHEEK!). She came stomping across that playground toward us (toward me, actually--she was looking for her stolen apple), and I yelled for everyone to take a run for it! I told them that Ole Miss Byron had been cursed and would eat them all to their death if they didn't vacate the area pronto! Really, I just didn't want them all to be around when I got scolded. What sort of captain would I be in their eyes then?!
So that's my story (and I'm sticking to it).
Magical Objects/Creatures

1. Flobberworm 2. Clabbert 3. Delivery Owl 4. Wand 5. Hag

The Legend of Bloody Ethel Flint; Shared/Written by: Evelyn Flores (Roselyn)

This story is both about the life of pirates and the life of magic, about one captain, who had everything, and lost it all, and mostly about this captain's daughter, who had nothing, and gained everything. This captain had a name; Captain Dirty James Flint. He sailed across the seas for as long as he could remember with his mother, father, and crew; his father being the Captain before him. He learned everything he knew from his parents. They were the most infamous pirates of their time, yet they also held a secret. The Captain was more than just a pirate. His veins held magical blood; blood in which was passed down to his son. Everything he knew about pirates and their way of life came from his mother, but everything about magic and a wizards way of life, came from his father, including areas where it wasn't safe to sail or travel because of creatures that lived there. Creatures that were more powerful than even him. Only the captain's right hand man, other than his son, would know of such secrets.
Unfortunately, during one night of victory as they danced and drank on the ship, there was a large storm that brewed, forcing the waves to crash and sway into the ship. Or was it? The dark night sky and unpredictable waves hid the large lumps that rose out of the water every now and then, bumping accidentally into the ship; enough to cause the situation to worsen. It was found destroyed during the morning sunrise, with a few lone survivors. James was one of them, but his parents were never found. He didn't let his sorrow filled heart stop him though. James built a new ship with his two bare hands, the fastest ever seen, and got himself a new crew, the smartest of any in the lands. His courage, intelligence, and honor had him well respected by the pirates and won many battles, but James all but forgotten about his magical nature as time moved on. Instead, it was replaced with an arrogant and prideful nature. Most of his focus was stolen away from the beautiful Anne Rackham, a crew member that joined onto the ship when he rebuilt it.
Love was not a choice for either of them, since their hearts were bound to the sea, but their affections for one another were as plain as a sunset on a clear sky. Almost a year later, during a rather calm night, they had a daughter, named Ethel Flint. She grew up at sea as pirate, learning everything from her parents, yet, she too held a secret. Her blood held the same magic as her father, and his father before him. James had long forgotten about that part of himself as it both disinterested and terrified him, even if he did keep to his father's ways and stayed away from certain areas of the world. He did not know how to teach his daughter how to control it as she seemed particularly gifted with conjuring fire, which usually ended up damaging their ship. Her mother and the other crew members confronted James, since they had no clue what was going on and they wanted answers, no matter how much James' right hand man tried to calm them down. Sorcery was not accepted and thought of evil during this time. Not wanting to be trialed as a wizard, even in the pirate way of life, James took his daughter and fled, never to be seen again.
However, Ethel was seen again. She had abandoned her father after one night when he came back as drunk as ever, not wanting to live that life like him. In her mid-teens, she sailed the seas on her own, but close to land. Her ship that she stole was not great and she had little food to live off of, resulting to using her sly and witty personality for theft and bargaining, but she lived. Her magic got her through most days as it both fascinated her and kept her calm at times. Conjuring flames was soothing, especially during the colder and rainier nights in which she could find no warmth, even in herself. One night however, she came across a grand ship that was unattended to at the time. Yet, Ethel wasn't the only one that had her eyes on the ship that night. Two others her own age found themselves face to face with one another as all three of them snuck onto the ship from different areas. Swords were drawn, words were thrown... and friendships were bonded. The three of them took the ship, cargo and all, and sailed off into the night, becoming one with the shadows, and its previous owners having no clue what just happened.
To scare the other two, Ethel had explained to them the first chance she got that she held magic within her. After a demonstration of what she knew so far with her powers, the other two had only one thought in mind: Someone who had magic could give them the upper hand during the battles that they would surely come across with a ship like this. The three of them were greedy, arrogant, intelligent, and most of all, they weren't merciful. Traveling over the many seas, and across land, they won many bloody battles (giving Ethel the name of Bloody Ethel Flint), with the use of fire being their main weapon even though they were particularly skillful with the sword, yet what intrigued them the most weren't the winnings, but the creatures they have never seen before. Big bat/bird like creatures that breathed fire that were called dragons and people that lived underwater, which were named merpeople, were just a few of the things they've come across; Creatures that lived in the areas in which her father and his father never have been before. The dragons, with their mighty roars and powerful flames, inspired the three pirate friends, and they forever named themselves the Dragon Raiders. Ethel continued to sail on, expanding her magic day by day and winning battle after battle, earning her and her crew a larger reputation and of course, the loot she would take only benefited herself and her friends. Having really nothing in the beginning, she felt rather at home with having everything.

The Legend of Captain Mad Bess Bonney; Shared/Written by: Nika Adler (ArianaBlack)

This is the story of the toughest female pirate around, they call her: Mad Bess Bonney. Mad Bess had many adventures with her ship, The Black Demon, and her crew. In some days the sea is smooth sailing, but on other occasions the stormy skies forbid easy traveling. The most famous story behind the great pirate is an adventure none ever forget. Sit back and enjoy.
Mad Bess was sailing along the smooth sea. The skies were blue and the oceans were smooth, and the wind was just enough to steer the ship in the right direction. That all changed after one lightening bolt appeared in the sky and suddenly the sky was grey and hard rain was pouring on the ship. The Black Demon was moving out of control and Mad Bess had to have three crew members behind the wheel. Some crew members fell over board and got eaten by the giant squid, but Mad Bess never stops for no one. Mad Bess looked around angrily as she saw some crew doing nothing. "WORK! Or I'll be head ya!" Mad Bess called out to the whole crew as she took out her sword. It was the sword that they all feard, Mad Bonney's magic sword.
Mad Bess walked towards her courters as she sent a weather changing spell to the sky. The sky suddenly cleared and the waves settled down immediately. "Looky thar!" A crew member pointed out something in the oceans depths as the rest of the crew gathered round. "Me thinks it's a mermaid!" Mad Bess saw her crew and fumed, "BE GONE ALL OF YA! If I had half a mind I'd be gettn' rid of you lot!" She glared at them with her eye as the other was concealed under a patch.
After a while of sailing the crew stopped to dock The Black Demon. The crew bolted back with piles of money in their hands. They dropped them off in the ship as they ran to get more. Little did they know that their captain stayed behind, hidden by her invisibility cloak. As soon as she saw her crew gone she set sail to the sea. A good pirate doesn't trust no one. To this day it's said that her crew members come back as ghosts and haunt the deserted dock hoping one day that Mad Bess will return with their loot.

The Legend of Captain Morgan Rackham; Shared/Written by: Gwendolyn Greene (Quick Quotes Quill)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl at the sea. One Monday, while wandering along the coast when nobody was there, she saw a large ship coming. The ship had a huge black flag waving in the wind. Noticing that on the canvas, there was also a head skeleton, she decided that was a pirate’s ship.

The girl hid behind a rock, in order not to be seen. ‘Argh! Why is the rum gone?’, a voice called out. ‘Because YOU drank it all!’, another voice replied. ‘Yeah..I kno’…But why is it gone?’, the first voice continued.

Then, a loud slap could have been heard from miles away. The girl, that was still hiding behind the rock made big eyes. Why did they do that? It’s so cruel! The drunk pirate lay down on the sand, looking dead. Some members of the crew wanted to move him, thinking he wasn’t alive anymore.
‘Nono’, the second voice replied.’ Leave him there. He’ll be fine’

‘You are not our captain, you can’t tell us what to do’, a strong voice said. Another slap and another crash could have been heard. ‘Someday’, the second voice replied again, and then moved towards the dock.

After a while, the drunken pirate woke up and started screaming ‘Why is the rum gone?’, then he ran after the crew, so that only the pirate that was lying on the ground remained there. The girl came from behind of the rock and went scared and puzzled towards him.
‘Eh…are…are you ok?’, she asked. Looking at him, she saw blood draining from his neck. It looked fatal.

The girl took something like a stick out from her pocket. ‘What’s that?’, the pirate asked scared. ‘You are gonna stick it through my neck and behead me, right?’ The girl rolled her eyes and pointed her wand to the pirate’s wounds.

‘Episkey’, she called out, and the wounds healed. Then she turned around and left.
From that day on, the girl kept spying on the pirates. Almost every Monday they came to get more rum for their journeys. However, sometimes they didn’t show up for months.
One day, Morgan got on the ship in order to spy on them closer, and she used the Invisibility Cloak. She wanted to see what the weekly points of the pirates were in order to make a plan of becoming their captain.
One day, a battle started between two pirate groups. Morgan kept looking for the captain. Even though he didn’t know she was on the ship, she felt she needed to be there for her captain. She blocked cannonballs that where coming towards him, so that he soon realized something odd was going on. She took the cloak off and showed herself. The girl managed to look up for the captain, but, he died tragically during the battle. He left Morgan in charge, however, not all pirates agreed with his decision, especially the one that kept waiting for that ‘someday’ when he would be captain.
In the following years, the girl thought of herself that she was the captain. Ah, yes, Captain Morgan Reckham… However, her function wasn’t really recognized on the ship. That other pirate kept thinking of himself being in charge as well. So they did fight a lot of times about this problem. The pirate usually helped himself with pirate-ish means, like swords, bribery and rum. But, Morgan Reckham used magic against him, so that she usually won the fights, and soon she started to be seen as Captain.
In one fight, however, Morgan made the pirate walk the plank. She kept rotating the wand between her fingers to show him she got the power. Reckham wasn’t such a good pirate, she only got her way by using magic, even though she was kind of sloppy. This time, while threatening the pirate with her wand, she dropped it in the sea. ‘Noooo’, she cried out. All her powers- gone!
So the pirates kicked her of the ship. First she thought to use a The Time-Turner to get her wand back; however, because she wasn’t very bright, she thought that playing with the time could end disastrously for her. So she decided to use another method. She ate some Gillyweed in order to go look for her wand in the deep sea.
After numerous tries, she finally found her wand and wished to return on the ship, but didn’t know how. In one of her thinking moments, she thought some rum would help her. When she grabbed the bottle, she immediately returned to the ship. Morgan almost forgot she turned a rum bottle into a portkey since her first day on the ship…just in case.
‘Ahoy, me Hearties!’, she greeted loudly.’ Avast ye’

The captain of the ship came towards her looking furious. ‘So…you missed me?’, Morgan asked while going straight to the rudder. ‘Morgan Reckham- you are STUPID to return here.' ‘It’s Captain Morgan Reckham’, she corrected. The other pirate kept babbling something, but Morgan didn’t pay attention to him. She just revealed her wand. ‘Nownow- how about making you explode? Better yet- Obliviate’

And this is how, even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognized Morgan as the one in charge.

The Legend of Iron Anne Bonney; Shared/Written by: Bonnie Campbell (LilyLunaGinnyPotter)

The wind whipped her hair, sliced her skin. It was a beautiful feeling. She had missed the sea. Her dress was ripped but any of the crew that eyed the holes were stabbed then thrown over board. Iron Anne Bonney had almost been hanged for piracy. She laughed as she hung out of a rope.
A few heads turned and eyed her worryingly then got back to work. If the woman acted weird, you pretended she had done nothing. 'Cause she was the captain's girl. Iron Anne thought of how she had stabbed at the hanging. She grinned at the thought.
Iron Anne struggled against the tight rope that bonded her hands together. A strangled scream rang threw the unusually quiet day and then a cheer from the crowd. Sick freaks. A rough hand pushed her up to the platform.
A low rope hung in front of her. "Stop right there!" A voice shouted and Captain Sebastian swung himself over the wall that separated the crowd from the pirates. He pulled out a sword and slashed at the tight rope that trapped Iron Anne and threw her a sword. It sailed through the air and she caught it with one hand. This was gonna be fun!
Iron Anne licked her lips at the thought that she was sailing once again as the sun set.

The Legend of Red Jenny Kidd; Shared/Written by: Selina Skylar (fanficfanatict)

Pirate Story:

Red Jenny Kidd was a small pauper child who lived in London among the gutter and the lowest form of human scum that ever walked the earth. For years she tried to make herself more than just a lowly thief that all of her environment was pushing her to be, however, no respectable job would hire a misfit of the streets. At the age of ten she was wandering the streets trying to make steal some bread when a man grabbed her arm as she caught the bread. In a panic she tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he shouted, "Those who steal a loaf of bread get a hand cut off!" Red Jenny Kidd screamed no, but the man, in one swift motion, cut off her hand and left her in the streets to bleed to death. As she started to head toward the light a red creature flew to Jenny and she passed out. When she awoke a red bird of beautiful splendor was crying on her arm and healing the open wound of her now removed hand. Although the hand did not grow back Red Jenny Kidd was saved by a phoenix.

Months passed and the bird never left her sight. They had grown a bond and the phoenix would now be her bird forever until her death. With the new bird at her side Red Jenny Kidd had grown a confidence that could only come with companionship. Alas, one fateful night as she lay in bed with her phoenix, Samantha, a cannon went off outside her window. Her burrow was being attacked by pirates! She hushed Samantha and tried to hide her. Taking hold of a sword in her only hand Selina ran out to the streets to help fight. Upon reaching the streets all of the pirates who attacked her seemed to drop to the ground as if being held back by a force field, the force field appeared when she thought about protecting herself and she didn't even say a word. It was like magic!
After the entire night of fighting Jenny let down her guard and it seemed like the force field has disappeared. A pirate grabbed her by her arm and forced her onto the ship. She had left Samantha behind, but she was safe. On the ship they forced Red Jenny Kidd to learn to clean and sword fight. With her one hand she learned to sword fight better than any man on the ship. The, now, little eleven year old was the darling of the ship. She spent several years on the ship and moved up through the ranks. At seventeen she was the First Mate and the most dreaded female pirate on the seas with her one hand.
After traveling on the seas most of her life Red Jenny Kidd had adopted a new companion- Charles. He was the most feared creature that she had ever come in contact with. On one outing for gold on an abandoned island the little creature nested. It could only be seen by those who had seen death and was skeleton-like. The men who feared Davvy Jones Locker called the creature a Thestral, Selina just called him Charles.
At the age of twenty the Captain of the Ship died of food poisoning. Red Jenny Kidd was next in line, but due to a mutiny she was forced out of her chair. So, in the brig, she plotted. For several months she thought out a plan until she hatched her greatest plan yet. When the crew left her on the shores of an island she enlisted the help on the natives showing them her awesome powers that seemed to appear on with her anger and impulse. Calling her a God they set out to retrieve her ship.
After three years of hunting Red Jenny Kidd came about her stolen ship and attacked. The battle lasted three days and once it was done Red Jenny Kidd had her entire ship and effects back under her watch. The next event is the infamous Red Jenny Kidd's punishment. She lined up her entire crew for there evil doings and told them that Davvy Jones awaited them. That they would be engulfed into the depths and not one mermaid would try to help them or hurt them. They would be cursed with a brand that would make them all infamous for centuries. The men shook in their boots at the feisty pirate queen and begged for her forgiveness. She laughed and lifted her hand. In one swift motion a jet of green light erupted from her finger tips and all of the men lay dead.
Red Jenny Kidd still roams the seas to this day punishing any man who dares crawl aboard her ship. For it is the women of the world who can cross her ship without the touch of green reaching their fates.

The Legend of Bloody Morty Kidd; Shared/Written by: Simon DeSimpson (Harry174)

It was a cold dark winters day and even though the sea was calm there was something wrong, I could sence it straight away, I don't know why but I Bloody Morty Kidd was at the wheel and I was sure there was something wrong, the captain was down below, when I say down below he was tied up, as I had decided that it was time for me to rule the ship and no one seemed to argue about it.
I Bloody Morty Kidd couldn't wait to find out where I was heading, haven't been to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I decided that would be the place where I would hide my loot, hoping to collect it one day, but first I knew I needed to get some loot, but where was the best place to start looking for treasure, suddenly and without warning I was under attack not by another pirate ship but by a dragon it was crazy it had appeared out of nowhere and was shooting fire out everywhere, I had no idea why I did it. I attacked the dragon and them without warning it came after me, I put the sword up in the air and then without thinking I killed the dragon, though no one had seen it since they had all jumped ship and swam to the island that was nearby.
I decided to leave them, so now it was just me and the captain on the ship, he was down below though when we got to this island I was sure he was going to freak out when I allowed him to get up, there is no one else alive other than us two that have been to this island and even though others have looked for it, they haven't found it, some people say we are mad maybe we are but I am only going to tell you what I saw.
We landed on this island, and straight away I knew something was wrong this rock was floating on its own, this creature had a wand, I was surprised I thought only human witches and wizard had wands but no and he was using the wingardium leviosa spell and was attacking this man I knew as Redblood Pete, so this creature stole wands from Wizards and witches then, there were loads of bones around, so this goblin it seem the creature was didn't like pirates then.
I looked at the Goblin and took out my wand. "AVADA KEDARVA." I shouted before the Goblin had realized I was there, he fell to the floor and the rock hit him too though, he hadn't felt it because he was already died, I thought that would be the end of it but as I released Redblood Pete I saw hundreds of creatures, Goblins, Elves, Dragons, pixies, they were flying and running towards use, there was all sorts of spells being aimed at us and even though I was known as Bloody Morty Kidd, I ran for my life back to the ship, the people who found out about the island thought we were making it up, no one else have ever seen that island again, though if I saw it, I knew I'd leave before getting there, it's the only island that I Bloody Morty Kidd am scared of, I have plundered towns, cities and villages, I have taken over 4 island and I am known as one of the deadliest Pirates in the world but I too have a secret so bad that it could ruin my rep, I have run like a coward from a fight.
Diary entry date 15th June 1756

The Legend of Dread Pirate Kidd; Shared/Written by: Ariadne Marchbanks (Lady of the Lake)

(Magical items and creatures used: wand, Confusing Concoction, Foe-glass, Skele-Gro, merepeople, sea serpents, quintapeds)
Once upon a time there lived a girl by the sea. This girl was a witch, but she didn’t want to go to Hogwarts, like all children her age, she wanted to sail! The sea was her love, she didn’t dream about anything else except the sea. When the first ship anchored in her village, she didn’t hesitate to run away with the crew. What she didn’t know, however, was that it was a pirate ship that she had boarded. The pirates soon learned about the intruder, and mercilessly made her walk the plank. Terrified, the girl remembered in the last moment that she was, in fact, a witch, and could use magic to escape. Immediately after she took out her wand, the pirates gasped in surprise, and their captain announced: ‘Ahoy, we be needin’ this lass alive! She can brew what we need.’ It turned out that they were looking for a witch or wizard to brew Confusing Concoction, used as a weapon against the unsuspecting enemies, who would be too confused to know what hit them.
‘Ye’ll be gettin’ a pirate name!’ he added, choosing Dread Pirate Kidd as the first thing to come to mind. The girl’s real name has never been used from that moment on. Pirate life was difficult at first, but she soon got accustomed to it, and quite enjoyed brewing potions, and life on the seas even more so. Violence was something she didn’t like, so she avoided taking part in any bloody fights. But money did appeal to her, and it was soon discovered that she was good at tricking and deceiving people in order to obtain it. The other pirates acknowledged her talent for making profit and she soon became a respected member of the crew.
Dread Pirate was also the one who decided what new acquisitions were required. She convinced the captain to buy a Foe-glass, which was expensive, but also very useful. The girl also specialized in preparing Skele-Gro, which came in handy when any of the crew were hurt and had bones to regrow. Her contribution had been invaluable, so it came as no surprise that, almost twenty years since she had boarded the ship, she was made its first female captain, based on the last wish of the dying previous captain.
Captain Dread Pirate was an excellent sailor, who knew how to deal with various types of aquatic magical creatures, from merepeople to sea serpents. The only problem she ever had was when the crew stopped for supplies on an island where the legendary Quintapeds lived. Luckily, the captain realized the danger they were in and ordered retreat just on time for her and her crew to live to tell the tale. And so she sailed for the rest of her life, and may be sailing still, in the form of a ghost, since she would have never wished to leave the ship and the sea.

The Legend of Mad Tom Bonney; Shared/Written by: Rose Deluise (Fred is awesome)

Mad Mary Bonney looked out to sea as she shouted to her crew “Land ahoy!”. The crew cheered as they drew near an island, covered with grey fog. As Mad Mary Bonney got off the ship and walked onto the shore, she noticed black things gliding around swiftly. “Argh, be careful men! There be something’ out thar!” she warned her crew. “Go back t’ t’ ship, I’ll be fine!” Mad Mary Bonney shouted back as she walked into the forest. She noticed again black things gliding, but this time towards her, and she realised what they were. “Argh, Dementors!’ she screamed, but nothing came out. They were administrating the Kiss, and she felt cold and as if she would never be happy again, as if her soul was being sucked out, then she remembered it was. ‘Expecto…. Patronum!’ she said weakly as her Patronus form of a parrot burst from her wand. The Dementors glided away fast, and she looked behind to check if her crew had seen but luckily none had. She ran to the ship, and told the driver to ‘Hurry, up, to t’ sea!’
Mad Mary Bonney was sailing away from the Dementors, when she felt a crash on the ship. ‘Ar, men, get to the deck!’ she told everyone with a snarl. She walked around the deck, and saw bubbles coming out of the sea. She looked away to see the other side bubbling too. Then, ROAR! She jumped as a figure came out of the sea. A Kraken! Mad Mary Bonney leapt up and pulled her wand out. ‘Incendio!’ she shouted, but it did nothing. ‘Petrificus Totalus!’ she grimaced, hoping it would work as she heard a loud splash, and the Kraken sunk to the bottom of the sea…
Mad Mary Bonney told her navigator to go towards the constellation Virgo. ‘Ay, Cap’n we be nearing land!’ he told her. Tonight was a full moon… ‘Are ye aware of t’ risks, Cap’n?’ a servant told her. ‘Ay, I’m well aware!’ she snarled. She jumped out and told her men to search the island. An hour later her men returned… All but one. ‘Stay here, men!’ she told them sharply. ‘I’d better find him!’ as she walked off on her peg leg. ‘Hey, Mimbletonia, scour the land for him!’ she told her parrot and within five minutes she was leading her to the man. What she saw there was something she wished she’d never have to see. A man ripped to pieces, bleeding! ‘No’ she snarled. She noticed paw prints turn to footprints, and followed them. It took her to a man shivering on the floor. A werewolf obviously… ‘Kill me…’ the man told her ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore!’ he groaned. ‘Kill me!’ he said louder. The Captain grimaced and said ‘No, we’ll take ye t’ land, where ye can drink the Wolfsbane Potion, and help ye!’ she told him as she took him on board. ‘Also ye’ll have to join me t’ make up for the life ye took…’ and from that day forward the man was a great pirate.

The Legend of Dread Pirate Kidd; Shared/Written by: Aiden Heartnett (sevensnared)

There was a peaceful fishermen village by the Mediterranean Sea. They lived in harmony until one night when the village was attacked by bandits. Their houses and boats were burned down. In the crowd, there was a woman carrying a bundle in her arms running away. Unfortunately, the bandits managed to catch up with her. Before they reached her, the woman put the bundle between giant rocks to ensure its safety. As the other bandits were taking the woman away, one of them saw the bundle and approached it. He was surprised to see an infant no more than two years-old lying between the rocks.
As the day started to break, a pirate ship landed on the shore to rest. The captain decided to take a stroll by the shore followed by a few crews. The captain was looking at the beautiful sunrise when he saw something he was not sure of between the rocks. He and his crews went to take a closer look at it. Much to their surprise, it was an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a bundle as though it was protecting it. From the gaps between the octopus’ tentacles, they could see a baby sleeping soundly. What shocked those pirates more was when they saw a man fully covered in blood leaning against a giant rock next to the child. His eyes were gouged out and his body looked as it was slashed multiple times with a sword.
Feeling compassion towards the innocent child, the captain took the boy to sail and to train him to become a pirate. The captain knows that someday, this child will be a well known pirate, thus naming him Kidd. As he grew up, everyone realized that Kidd was no ordinary pirate. He was a wizard pirate. The captain treated Kidd as his own son and laid a full faith in him. Kidd was extremely skilled in dueling. When their ship was attacked by a Kraken, Kidd single-handedly took it down with his extraordinary power. It was an unexplainable situation. The moment past, then the Kraken’s eyes were gouged out and it was bleeding non-stop. This caused the ship crews and the captain himself strucked in astonishment. Due to his signature gorish combat style, Kidd earned himself a new name; Dread Pirate Kidd.
One day when sailing, one of the ship crews went missing. After making a few investigations, it was confirmed that the certain crew was attracted by a mermaid. Dread Pirate Kidd dived into the ocean to rescue him. The remaining crews and the captain were worried. How can he possibly hold his breath underwater for a long time? Around an hour and half after, Dread Pirate Kidd appeared on the surface of the sea next to the ship with the unconscious crew on his back. Knowing that everyone was wondering how he could escape the mermaids’ kingdom, Dread Pirate Kidd explained that he used his vanishing power to escape.
After the death of the captain, the whole ship crews agreed that Dread Pirate Kidd shall be the new captain. The legend of his power and intelligence has become a tale told to the next generations.

The Legend of Red Roger Bonney; Shared/Written by: Chris Westopher (beachdude654)

In the year of 2000, a young sailor was born. He lived on the largest ship in the sea. His mother a witch and father a wizard, and a crew of muggles. The ship got many treasures, but the crew did not now that father just copied and made more treasure.
Red Roger Bonney was at age 25 when he built his own ship. He got his crew and set sail for a lake he heard of, one next to a school. A school that is still standing there to this day. He did not no he was a wizard, he was abandoned at the age of 3. He did not understand what his parents were.
On his way to the lake, he found himself in a horrible storm. He had trouble getting through. He found the closest land he could find. He went to his crew. One had died by falling off and drowning. He could not take this. He was angry, very angry.
He was so angry that he broke a wood plank. Then all the sudden, the missing crewman flew on deck. They all celebrated, but confused. They sailed for the lake and the lake is what they found. But when they arrived, the crew did not see a school, the just remembered that they had doctor appointments.
But captain Red Roger Bonney was accepted to a school of wizardry, he was told all about his family. And legend says, that the boat still can be seen every ten years in the lake.

The Legend of Blood William Rackham; Shared/Written by: William Montcenaggio (Jason Potter Weasley)

Bloody William Rackham grew up around the docks around Liverpool, England, a homeless urchin who wanted to make himself a success one day. He learned the ways of the street, becoming a successful pickpocket at the age of 10. William wasn't aware at the time that he was a wizard, but knew that he was able to do certain things which other children weren't able to do, such as make things appear merely by thinking about them. Luckily for him, he ran into a kindly wizard when he was 13 years old who began to teach him basic spell work, giving him a wand of his own. Luckily for William, the wand was a good fit and he came to regard it as just as essential as his sword, something which the wand was often mistaken for in later years.
A short later, when he reached his early teens, William decided that a pirate's life was for him and he stowed away on a ship that was being run by another pirate. William was able to take control over the ship, the Black Eyed Pea, and become the captain through his own cleverness and use of a very rare magical time turner. He used the time turner to confuse the crew, then was able to take over as captain and take most of the crew members over to his side through use of the dreaded imperius curse. The old captain posed too great a risk, as the crew members might somehow regain their memory and decide to switch back, so William dropped him off on a deserted island known as Temptation Island. William and his crew never went back there again, but there were enough pineapples on that island that the old captain probably survived undetected for many years. With the training William had learned, he made the island unplottable, so that no pirate would ever find it again and the former captain would never be able to escape.
William kept a pet fwooper in a cage, using a silencing charm to keep the bird quiet on most occasions but taking the charm off on a few noted occasions when he had need of driving another person mad. In his cabin he also kept a grindylow in a tank, something which William found amusing but was also a reminder of the danger of mermaids. William took a wife when he reached his 20's, a beautiful young woman from the Island of Tahiti named Ahina. The wedding was celebrated onboard the ship with much partying and firewhisky, and there were magical fireworks set off from the Black Eyed Pea which could be seen for many miles away.
Captain William was known to be fearsome and ruthless, but he could also be quite good to his loyal crew members. His favorite gift to reward a deserving crew member with was the Sneakoscope, something which he thought any good pirate would find useful. He lived to a ripe old age, which is not really that surprising given the fact that he was a wizard. His crew never mutinied against him and they discovered much treasure and plunder in their voyages around the world.

The Legend of Captain Charlotte Wormwood; Shared/Written by: Macy Sinclair (Zoom)

"Jack! C'mon! Yer gonna make us late!" Captain Woormwood yelled down from the deck. The young man disapparated from the shore and up onto the deck. "We be headed fer Durmstrang, lad," the Captain called. Jack nodded. "Best be gettin' yer rest."
Early the next morning, the crew arrived at Durmstrang. All night, the men had navigated the waters and many a time resorting to magic wands in order to find direction. Over all, it went well. The ship was docked carefully out of sight, lest it been seen by any early risers.
"Jack!" Captain Wormwood called. The boy appeared from behind several wooden boxes. "There ye are lad! Ye be comin' up to the school with me and Strickler," she said. She gestured to a bird cage off to the side before turning around and adding, "Ye'll be in charge of the fwooper." Already, Jack was nervous.
Jack apparated to land along with Captain Wormwood and Strickler. Strickler, he noticed, had been given two full sacks to carry. Of what, he didn't know, but Jack knew well by now not to question the Captain.
The three quickly arrived at the school, using hidden stairwells and secret passage ways to navigate towards the Headmaster's suite. Clearly, their Captain had been here before. Upon arriving at the Headmaster's office, Captain Wormwood knocked three times. No answer. "Open up Karkaroff!" she hissed. The door immediately was flung open and the three stepped inside, Strickler kicking the door closed behind them.
"Ahh, Charlotte! It is good to see you vonce again!" the headmaster said with a toothy grin. Strickler tossed the sacks down on the floor. Jack followed and gently set down the cage. "You 'ave brought them indeed," Karkaroff said, looking greedily at the fwooper. Captain Wormwood held out an arm, blocking his path.
"I expect payment Igor. Now," she insisted. The man obliged, handing her a sack. Opening it up, the Captain found it was full of gold galleons.
"Eet is all there, I assure you," the headmaster promised. And before he could say another word, the Captain grabbed the fwooper and apparated them all back to the ship. The crew swiftly made their getaway, howling with laughter at their success. Opening the sacks, Karkaroff found they were not filled with treasures, but with flobberworms and rubbish! Not only had the pirates gotten away with his fwooper, they'd also gotten away with four hundred of his gold galleons. How could he be so foolish?

The Legend of Captain Katey Kidd; Shared/Written by: Isabella Evans (SlytherinPrincess)

50 Years ago : Sailing across the Wide Sea Captain Katey Kidd was Steering Her Big Ol' Purple Pirate Ship To Find The Long Lost Island Of Strawberry Kiwi . " Aye, Hurry Up Ya ' Lazy Dumb Heads " She Yelled Over To Her Crew . " C' Mon , we dont want t' get lost like the other pirates Aye. " She Yelled , Outraged at her Dumb Crew . " Aye, get Up From Yer lazy butts " Realizing She was Steering In The Wrong Direction She Took The chance to Wake up Those lazy Nut Heads , Turning The Ship Around Like It was a Carousel at a park the Sailors Woke Up , All Of them Lying on The Ground from The Strong waves and The left Turn That Their Captain Had Made . " AYE ! " One of the sailors Yelled " What be That Fer ? " They all Yelled . " That Be fer Waking you Sleepy Sailors Up , You Know We be Tryin' To Find The Island Of Strawberry Kiwi ! " Katey Kidd Yelled back over to them .
As Day Turned to Night and night turned to day 5 years later The sailors and the captain Moved the ship Swiftly Through The waves and storms and Lightning Till They Finally Spotted something .

" What Is That ? " One Weary sailor Asked Captain Kidd . " Well It be The Long Lost Island Of Strawberry Kiwi ! " She Said . " Steering Her ship in that direction They Made it to the Land In Minutes . " Here we be Mateys " She Said To Them . " Walking to A Spot where She thought the Chest Might be buried She started digging then stopped " Well ? aren't Yer Gon' Start Diggin' " She said Harshly . The Sailors grabbed their shovels and started digging

10 Years Later They Never Found The Treasure hidden On The island Maybe Because They Didn't Dig enough Or maybe it was because Someone found the Treasure and Stole ALL The gold Then Threw The Chest In The Sea . Yup That was it They still dug and dug Many Sailors Lived to be 89 Years old Most passed away . Now it was only Captain Kidd . Her ? Well Once she found out that There Was no Treasure at All She Jumped back on her Ship and Sailed Back Home leaving The remains Of her Crew Over On The Island . When she got home well She was 99 years old . She wasn't a pirate anymore . She went By The name Katey Kidd , Not Captain , But just Katey Kidd . Katey Lived to Be 100 Years old She Passed away A Week Before her 101 Birthday And we still remember her Bravery Till this very Day.

The Legend of Mad Anne Flint; Shared/Written by: Luna Kieren (Orla)

Pirate name: Mad Anne Flint, Every pirate is a little bit crazy but. You though are more than just a little bit. Like the Rock Flint, Your hard and sharp. But also like the Flint, You're easily chipped and sparky.ARR!
Boat name: Betcy Bones her mother was called Betcy and she abanded her so that where she got the name Betcy Bones
Was Mad Anne Flint good or bad: She was both she was good and bad at the same time she would steal treasure but she wouln't kill anybody
Was Mad Anne Flint a witch: Yes, She was a Witch

The Legand of Mad Anne Flint

Mad Anne Flint was crazy so there was a lot of legands behind how she became so dimwitted since she had all these treasures. Muggles think this is the story. Mad Anne Flint was a very tough and clever pirate. One day she found the treasure of Capten Charles one of the most vicious pirates at sea. The treasure was on a secret island that no body can find today. The treasure was underneath the ground it was his hid in his hide out. She took the treasure quickly and went back to her boat Betcy Bones. But Capten Charles was on the Betcy Bones. He was going to kill her or watch her walk the plank she picked the plank the Betcy Bones was so far away from the water she went in and she lost half her memory. Now for the real story. Mad Anne Flint was a witch she was clever and tough. One day she found the treasure of Capten Charles a wizard that used magic to collect treasure. She found it on a island. Capten Charles and Mad Anne Flint were swore enemys. When she found the treasure it was very heavy so she used magic to make it move but Capten Charles knew she found the treasure he apperated to her ship the Betcy Bones. When she got on the boat he came out of know where and erresed her mind then threw her into the ocean and wrote it all down so that muggles wouldn't figure out what really happened

The Legend of Mad Dog Kid; Shared/Written by: Annabelle Lecium (hpfan18)

I always wanted to be a pirate. It was my dream ever since i saw the ships with my grandfather. I remember being on a little boat and i saw the ships that were bigger than us. "Grandpa! I wanna be like them! It looks so cool to be a pirate!" I said bouncing up and down in excitement. "No you don't son, that life will be cursed trust me." he warned me. I didn't take his warning seriously and now look where it has gotten me.

A year later, it was a typical day on the ship. I was stuck doing the chores like cleaning out the cages for the animals, seeing if the meat wasn't spoiled and all that. "Argh Mad Dog Kid, get ovr 'ere!" the captain called. I obeyed and the captain held out a wand to my chest. "I overheard you are the big tough kid in this ship. Now face me like a man!" he challenged me. I shook my head and agreed. "I accept the challenge." I replied and now every crew member came over and was watching our fight. I was called Mad Dog Kid because i was crazy, part mangy, all rabid, I'm the pirate all the others fear. Even though I'm not always the traditional swaggering gallant, my steadiness and planning make me a fine, reliable pirate. The captain made the first move. "Stupefy!" he yelled and I deflected. "Damn he is good." the captain muttered. I saw an opening and yelled, "Expelliarimus!" and his wand went out of his hand. I smiled and knew I was winning! "Confundus!" one of his loyal crew members yelled and narrowly missed me. "Who's side are you on!?" I asked my friend Barty Blow. He shrugged and pointed to the captain. Then we all heard the creature Bertha, who was the feared creature of all the seas stirring in the water. "Man your stations!" the captain cried. I went down below to get the weapon the works on this sea creature. It was a silver arrow. If you aim it right in the chest it will die. I got up and yelled "Incendio" on the arrow and it was on fire. "Wow I didn't know magic worked on Bertha." Barty said. "Yeah it did." I grinned. "No one else knows besides me." I said as I ran to the deck. I tried to aim the arrow but Bertha shrieked and I had to cover my hears from the high pitch. "Agghhh.." and I fell onto the floor but the weapon was just in my reach. I took the lead and aimed the arrow that was on fire into the creature's heart and Bertha died. The captain congratulated me and gave me rum to celebrate. I was smiling and couldn't stop and then one of the girls I laid eyes on kissed me on the lips and I couldn't have been any happier.

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