Toadstool large


This toadstool is among the most poisonous and it comes with a few surprises inside! It isn't named after the tale from famous muggle writer Shakespeare, no this fungi is home to a worm called the Wisest Wiggler. A deep dark burgundy coloured worm that is known to possess temporary wisdom enhancement if consumed by wizards and witches.


Most Holey Hamlets play host to at least ten of these tiny worms. These guests eat tunnels throughout the stem and cap. Creating the holey appearance this toadstool is famous for. The toadstool itself can reach heights of 2 feet tall and up to two feet wide.


The Holey Hamlet is rated 8, somewhat useful but could kill you if you’re not careful. As previously mentioned this toadstool is incredibly poisonous and no part of it should ever be ingested. Even when diluted this toadstool can be fatal.

Care Of

If you try to grow them in greenhouses, make sure to completely block out all light and keep the soil moist. They seem to thrive in environments which mimic their natural environment, or what are commonly referred to as black forests. This toadstool is known to grow only in the darkest parts of the forest. They prefer to stick close to enchanted forests, but have been known to migrate into muggle forests if enchanted areas become too dry.


This toadstool is quite popular and sought after by companies that develop memory potions, intelligence powders and of course Focusing Draughts. Not for the toadstool itself, but rather for the company of the toadstool. Yes, that is correct, The Wisest Wiggler. The toadstool itself is of no use in potions, but the worms are quite valuable and useful. Indeed one cannot survive without the other and so the toadstool is equally valuable to the knowing witches and wizards who know what to look for.

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