Located deep in the desert lands of the Sahara, there lies a deadly threat in hiding. It stands in wait under the blistering hot sun, hungering for innocent flesh to stumble into its deadly mires. It is a flesh-eating tree that is not classified as dangerous as its cousins are around the globe due to the fact that it is not responsible for a large number of human casualties. This tree is known as the Hollow Marauder, an apt name given the terrible way it extinguishes the life of its victims.

How to hunt its prey:

More cacti than tree, its bark is a pale tan and is of the same texture and quality as that of a cactus’ skin. This allows for the Hollow Marauder to save water during the dry months to survive in this desert landscape. It has a root network that travels many meters in any given direction, a survival technique that other desert plants, magical or not, employ to further save the life-giving water. These roots are located just under the sand giving this tree the perfect opportunity to create its web. For you see, the tree is very much in control of its roots and uses them to spring out of the ground to capture prey. The process is very quick but death comes slowly to the victims. Because of the harshness of the environment, all species must learn to conserve all resources as effectively as possible. So the Hollow Marauder encases its prey inside its trunk which is mostly hollow. A waxy material is then secreted which furthers along the embalming process. In this way, the life force of its victim will slowly be absorbed by the tree itself until either the victim dies or the tree finds a new victim. In the latter case, the ‘old’ victim will quickly be disposed of.
This brutal process makes death by the Hollow Marauder very slow and undoubtedly painful. It seems to like to feast upon the desert rabbits and rattlesnakes. There are not many ways to kill this kind of tree because its outer layer is so tough and waxy, making it immune to most diseases, the sun, and blunt weapons.

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