Many wizards find themselves questioning their magical abilities if they know they will be travelling through forests with flesh-eating trees. Will their magic be enough to fight off any attacks? This is one flesh eating tree many wizards choose to hunt for themselves, though we do not recommend this strategy at all. Many witches and wizards set off in areas these trees are known to repeatedly stalk. The reason many wizarding folk seek this deciduous little devil out, is to test their own magical capabilities. You see, this particular variety of flesh-eating tree only hunts extremely powerful magical beings.

Preying Strategy:

You may think that would limit the amount of prey available to them, but they aren't picky as to what type of creature they hunt. It may be a tiny pixie or an overgrown ogre. This tree literally feeds off the magic provided by its chosen prey. It will avoid easy targets and wait until something truly magical wanders into its territory.
These trees are reported to have hunting grounds covering hundreds of square miles. They travel when hungry and can cover ground quickly. Hunting Hawthorne’s actually resemble overgrown hedges, and can use this as an advantage when hunting. This unruly hedge like appearance can help conceal them in almost any forest environment.

This flesh-eating tree hunts its prey for quite awhile seemingly to make sure the target is effort worthy. Favoured meal choices include Hippogriffs, Unicorns and certain varieties of Dragons. Occasionally you may even see a Hunting Hawthorne along the banks of a lake. More than likely it is hoping to catch an unsuspecting mermaid.
Hunting Hawthorne’s grow to between 6 and 7 feet tall. They are a dark shade of olive green and have unruly branches that stick out in all directions. When the Hunting Hawthorne finally attacks it unleashes thorns hidden under its leaves to drink its prey. These razor sharp thorns act as straws. The tree will then drink its prey dry and move on to another part of its hunting grounds.

Many are tempted to see if these flesh-eating trees will hunt them down. Some wizards use it as a test of magical ability. If they haven't reached a certain level of power, the trees will show no interest. We will leave the choice of whether or not you decide to go looking for this tree up to you, but we recommend a strong suit of armour and good broom for survival if you do choose to set out on this quest!

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