Illumination Spell


Sinistra Lumina

Wand Movements

swish, flick and point to empty hand




canary yellow


creates a handful of light in the caster's hand

The Illumination Spell creates a ball of light in the palm of the caster's hand. This spell was taught by Professor Alexandria Pierce in Transfiguration class sometime during 2066 - 2067.

Appearance and Effect

There will be a loud crackling noise and a canary yellow glow when the light in conjured correctly. The caster will then have a ball of light in the palm of their hands.

Known Practitioners


Sinistra may come from the Italian word for "left" or perhaps is used to pay homage to Aurora Sinistra . Lumina is derived from the Latin word lumen which means "light," "daylight," or "brightness"

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