Intaris Charm



Wand Movement

Tap the top of the head twice




Reverses the effects of Ristaris and Felintas charms

The Intaris Charm reverses the effects of the Felintas and Ristaris charms. The spell was taught by Professor Dyreth sometime during 2050-2051.[1]

Appearance and Effects

The Felintas and Ristaris charms effect the appearance of the caster's hair, and this charm reverses the effect of both charms. The caster taps himself on the head twice and recites the incantation once in order to reverse all appearance-altering spells at once.

Because the effects of these spells are cumulative, it is advisable to use Intaris to return the hair to its original state rather than making changes upon changes.

Related Spells

  • Felintas - Changes length and texture of hair
  • Ristaris - Changes the color of hair and eyes


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