Whether you’re interested in a little wandlore or whether your just after a nice shade tree, Wand trees make an excellent addition to any garden. They’re particularly favoured by many witches and wizards who live in or near muggle communities, as while these trees are abundant in magical energy they appear to be average and mundane to the untrained human eye.
Though don’t expect to be able to grow a healthy specimen in a small yard or in a pot. No, wand trees benefit most out in the open with plenty of room for it to grow freely. Some of the smaller varieties will make do in greenhouse conditions, if the proper care is provided.
Most wand trees require a moderate amount of sunlight throughout the year, though darker, colder conditions will not stop you from growing these tremendously curious trees. It will just take them a little longer to mature. Regular watering is not necessary as their complex root system is able to penetrate deep into the Earth’s surface and is able to obtain enough moisture and nutrients they require, naturally.
Wand trees, though they are not rare, are not easy to obtain and are especially difficult to grow from scratch. Practice is the key, and perhaps one day with a bit of patience, good timing and a little luck you’ll have yourself a healthy young spruce. The best option if you’re after a Wand tree is to obtain one from your nearest muggle or Magical Nursery, though be warned, while it is the more practical option it can be costly.


Wand trees have a generic classification rating of 3, useful with no dangerous qualities. So unless you are graced with incredibly bad luck, or are particularly careless... or an idiot, then a Wand tree shouldn’t give you any grief.
A little caution should be taken however, as Bowtruckle’s serve as tree guardians, and are particularly fond of Wand trees. But unless you threaten either a Bowtruckle or the Bowtruckle’s tree then you should be fine... just don’t poke one, it will poke you back. They live harmoniously within Wand trees and are also known to serve as a guardian to a wizarding families home. Peace offerings of woodlice are always appreciated.

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