Jake Upstead


Jacob Dale Upstead

Date of Birth

31st August, 2056 (35)

Blood Status





Graduating class of '74


6'2", average build


Dark blond, straight



Jacob Dale Upstead (born Jacob Jakers Dale Blackly-Upstead), commonly referred to as Jake, was born 31st August 2056 in Camden, London. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Hufflepuff. Jake graduated with the class of 2074 and is currently employed as a Hit Wizard with the British Ministry of Magic, and a part-time private tutor. He lives with his partner, Becca Parker, along with their twin daughters, Xanthe Nemesis Upstead and Pax Calypso Upstead (b. 1st April 2088), and son, Ezra Summer Upstead (b. 21st June 2090).

Jake's patronus is a maine coon and his boggart takes the form of Samuel Huxley/Remi Devereaux. He is also a registered animagus and can transform into a tabby cat.

Personality and Key Characteristics



Pre-Life and Early Life

Jake was born on 31st August 2056 to parents Brooke Blackly, 19, and Heath Upstead, 20. The pair had only been together for a very short while before Brooke fell pregnant with Jake, but Heath proposed to Brooke all the same, soon after finding out. However, this whirlwind romance was not destined to last. A few months after Jake was born, Heath - who had plenty of commitment issues, dubious morals in general, and a lack of connection with his newborn son - abandoned his fiancée and child quite suddenly. Jake was a difficult baby, and seemed to constantly scream or cry, and was impossible to calm down; it wasn’t long before Brooke found herself resenting her child, and then herself for the way she felt.

From then on, Jake was raised by Brooke, who remained a single mother. She would often work long hours, leaving Jake in the care of his grandparents when he was very young, but eventually simply leaving him to fend for himself in their London flat, with a muggle television and TV shows for company. Despite being pureblood, Brooke had kept up a curious lifestyle of living almost exclusively as a muggle, and expected the same of her son, unaware that her father was defying her wishes and telling Jake all manner of stories about the wizarding world, even taking him to see a Quidditch game at one point. Brooke, on the other hand, while never denying the existence of magic, refused to talk about it when she was actually present, and angrily forbade any mention of it. Jake found it very difficult to separate the two worlds in his head, and struggled to understand when it was appropriate to talk about either muggle or magical worlds, and when he would be met with anger - it is likely that this confusion was what led to the first appearance of his stutter when he was five years old.


Primary school was particularly difficult for Jake; as well as dealing with a stutter, for which he was teased mercilessly, he also found it much more difficult to deal with his emotions than the other children did, could not understand the social norms that everyone else seemed to follow with ease, and would frequently say things that would get him into trouble, much to his own confusion. He also had huge trouble with learning to read and write, which only made him much more susceptible to bullying, which in turn made Jake all the more emotional and prone to anger. His years at primary school were marked by frequent suspensions, eventually culminating in a permanent exclusion when Jake was nine years old. By this time, Jake was known to both muggle and magical social services, due to his mother’s repeated declarations that she couldn’t cope.

Jake was kept out of school from then on, again staying home alone for much of the time, with the muggle television providing the extent of his ‘social’ interactions. Though it appears to others to have been a sad situation, Jake claims the exact opposite: talking along with the television helped improve his speech immensely, he didn’t have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing, and he barely ever had emotional outbursts, the exception being when his mother was present. It was during this time of relative (in Jake’s opinion) peace, that he was finally evaluated by a doctor, and was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.

Due to having a birthday that falls on the very last day of the summer holidays, Jake’s Hogwarts letter arrived a month before his eleventh birthday, delivered by his social worker, who revealed that she herself was a witch. Having by now spent enough time by himself to last a lifetime, Jake expressed his desire to attend Hogwarts, and his mother - after a long, emotional talk with the social worker - finally relented, and agreed to attempt to re-enter the magical world with him. Though Brooke’s attempt did not last for long, once Jake entered the magical world, he never left it behind.


First Year


Jake, age 11

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Jake was sorted into Hufflepuff, though the Hat seemed to have some trouble in ruling out Gryffindor. He then decided to tryout for the Quidditch team, despite having never been allowed to fly on a broom in his life, but shocked everyone in proving himself to be an instinctive flyer and a skilled Quidditch player, earning the position of Seeker, which he continued to play until he graduated. He even managed to make a handful of friends, despite his still very pronounced issues with social skills - though still faced bullies- and developed a crush on Moaning Myrtle. Jake struggled with both producing magic and keeping up with theory lessons, though he proved to have particular strengths in classes such as History of Magic, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Jake’s first brush with traumatic events at Hogwarts occurred when he witnessed the death of fellow Hufflepuff first year and dormmate, Set Avis, who appeared to drop dead in the middle of the library, but was in fact murdered by an invisible Lord Voldemortist. This was only the first Hufflepuff death that Jake would be witness to during his time at Hogwarts.

hogwarts letter, joining hogwarts, sorting, joining quidditch, dealing with bullies, meeting cam, meeting reese, meeting professor morgan, meeting professor kazimeriz, meeting professor truebridge, meeting the ghosts and developing a friendship with moaning mytle

Second Year


Jake, age 12

When the school year ended, Jake returned to London to be with his mother again, but he was there for only a few days before his problems with his temper suddenly re-emerged, and he ran away after an angry outburst following an argument. After sleeping rough for a couple of nights, Jake was found by his social worker, who took him instead to his biological father’s house, as Brooke had decided she could no longer deal with him.

running away and sleeping rough, found by police and taken to live with his dad and step family, pink hair. hogwarts: flooding castle, meeting professor lawson, being featured in aparecium, his first 'girlfriend', detention, general troublemaking

Third Year


Third year Jake

In Jake’s third year, he and another student - LouAnn Purple - each had a set of mysterious stones planted on them. They were both incredibly possessive over the stones they found in their pockets, and became confrontational at the suggestion that they might have to surrender them. Over the course of the year, both Jake and LouAnn would suffer periods of blackouts. It was during these blackouts that they unknowingly and unwillingly murdered three Hufflepuff students, with Jake even attacking and seriously injuring his professor and father figure, Marcus Lawson, landing the man in St. Mungo’s. Jake’s increasingly strange behaviour - for example, outbursts in which Jake sounded nothing like himself even to the point that he lost his regular stutter, or his blatant attempt to attack another student in class - caught the attention of his Head of House, Professor Shackleton, who gave Jake multiple detentions but started to suspect that Jake may have had a brain tumour. At the end of the school year, both Jake and LouAnn ended up possessed one last time, during which they planted their mysterious stones in the Headmaster’s office. A short time later, Headmaster Reynard Bontecou vanished mysteriously from his office.

As a result of the blackouts, which coincided so unnervingly with the incidences of murdered students, and having discovered he attacked his own professor, Jake spent some time in St. Mungo’s after his third year at Hogwarts. While there, it was determined that he had, in fact, been possessed. Jake did not begin to remember what he had done during those periods of possession until some years afterwards, but it had a profound effect on him nevertheless, and led to an intense obsession with control and power.

various temporary guardians, foster care, rock climbing with truebridge.hogwarts: being possessed. foster mother got engaged and Jake got adopted by them. Jake spends some time at St. Mungo's after finding out he attacked lawson and was probably behind some of the other dodgy stuff

Fourth Year


Fourth year Jake

fight club, remi shenanigans, birth of Ava just before summer. more time at st mungos maybe? (need to check)

Fifth Year


Fifth year Jake

behavioural problems became more pronounced at home. jealous of his little sister. often attempted running away. struggled with mental health. fell out with tibi who transferred to beauxbatons. reluctantly returned to hogwarts despite having no desire to be there as his parents and best friend would not be there. struggled with being tempted by the ideas of dark magic/power, had a detention with kingsley that started to turn that around. decided to put all of his focus into his schoolwork and improving spellwork (which he had always been notoriously bad at). achieved 12 OWLs. 11 Os and one E.

Sixth Year


Sixth year Jake

further issues with behavioural and emotional problems, minor breakdown before school. attends hogwarts for first few weeks of 6th year but leaves to be homeschooled after quidditch is cancelled and students from other schools converge on hogwarts. spends the year as Kazimeriz's apprentice. speech therapy, grew taller and stronger, came to terms with dyslexia and found ways to cope, discovered a love of reading for fun. given advanced tutoring in magical theory and spellwork. Gained more confidence. 

Seventh Year


Seventh year Jake

much more emotionally settled, returns to school clearly feeling better after a much needed year off from hogwarts, though remaining inquisitive and often in trouble. ikenna gevrik things. NEWTs cancelled, Jake quite unhappy with this. Duel with the headmaster for fun, being a boyfriend to Neptune bott

Superlatives - All Years

Ghosts' Favourite - First Year (Term 21)
Aparecium Star - Second Year (Term 22)
Most Likely to Break Out of Azkaban - Second Year (Term 22)
Most Likely to Play Professional Quidditch - Third Year (Term 23)
Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality TV Show - Fourth Year (Term 24)
Ikenna Gevrik's Biggest Fan! - Seventh Year (Term 27)
7th Year Legacy - Seventh Year (Term 27)


Hufflepuff Quidditch 2067-2068

first year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Miranda BelCanto (Luna Laufghudd)
Vanessa Corbette (RachieRu)
Emalyn N. Daniels (SnitCHchASER)
Dominic N. Denton (PhoenixRising)
Tucker Hart (Katieluff)
Kaitlynn Hayman (purple•myst)
Kaika I. Lockhart - Captain (Lockhartian)
Melanie Lockhart (Lindzers)
John Mosier (Harry174)
Jakers Upstead (Felixir)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (175-30) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches no snitches)
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (210-10) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2068-2069

second year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Cyrus P. Andrus (ZDARDSKY)
Miranda BelCanto (Luna Laufghudd)
Emalyn N. Daniels (SnitCHchASER)
Dominic N. Denton (PhoenixRising)
Kaika I. LockhartCaptain (Lockhartian)
Melanie F. Lockhart (Lindzers)
Jakers Upstead (Felixir)
Sarah J. Winchester (Harry174)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (0-0) (Gryffindor forced to forfeit due to lack of players, nobody gets to play)
Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (200-50) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2069-2070

third year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Miranda BelCanto (Luna Laufghudd)
Dominic N. Denton (PhoenixRising)
Torin Kane (Squishy)
Cedric N. Leone (Wenzlebug)
Kita Lewis (hermionesclone)
Kaika I. Lockhart - Captain (Lockhartian)
Melanie F. Lockhart (Lindzers)
Ryder Montgomery (purple•myst)
Brody Summers (RachieRu)
Jakers Upstead (Felixir)
Sarah J. Winchester (Harry174)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (170-40) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (180-50) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2070-2071

fourth year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Miranda BelCanto - Captain (Luna Laufghudd)
Lorelai Bristol (Shanners)
Emalyn Daniels (SnitchCHASER)
Torin K. Kane (Squishy)
Kita Lewis (hermionesclone)
Melanie Lockhart (Lindzers)
Esmerelda N. Losey (Sirius_Padfoot)
Ryder Montgomery (purple•myst)
Kaytone Potter-Evans (Kaytone)
Aaron Rose (PhoenixRising)
Michelle J. Stefko (b_stewart)
Jakers D. Upstead (Felixir)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (180-50) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Gryffindor wins (185-40) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 1 snitch)

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2071-2072

fifth year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Miranda C. BelCanto - Captain (Luna Laufghudd)
Melissa Bellator (Ron/Hermione4eva)
Kaytone P. Evans (Kaytone)
Melanie Lockhart (Lindzers)
Treyen S. Lockhart (Lockhartian)
Michelle J. Stefko (b_stewart)
Jakers D. Upstead (Felixir)

Simon Leonarder De Simpson (Harry174)
Eloise Greenstone (Nymphadora_Moody)
Torin Kane (Squishy)
Cedric N. Leone (Wenzlebug)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (190-0) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (200-30) (Jake did not play)

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2073-2074

final year on team words

Hufflepuff Team
Kaia Barnard (Shanners)
Rene Cullen (lilithpotter)
Simon De Simpson (Harry174)
Cedric N. Leone (Wenzlebug)
Melanie Lockhart - Captain (Lindzers)
Treyen S. Lockhart (Lockhartian)
Kaitlynnh Mae (D.A Forever)
Jakers D. Morgan (Felixir)
Kay Potter-Evans (Kaytone)
Isobel VonHue (EmilyMalfoy)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (180-10) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)
Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (175-10) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches 3 snitches)
Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (190-20) (Jake plays as Seeker, catches no snitches)


left hogwarts, dragons, neptune breaks up with him via letter, at first reluctant/worried about going into the big bad word alone and went on tour with his dad & a band whilst attending night classes for a course in wandlore. couldn't hack the lifestyle, switched to a joint honours course in history of magic and defence against the dark arts and went to live on campus. completed degree after four years (needed to retake a year), cut himself off from almost everyone he knew during school. briefly worked as a basic tutor for a few young wizarding kids (usually kids of his university tutors, or people they recomended him to) with learning and emotional/behavioural difficulties who weren't ready for wizarding school, working with them on theoretical lesson stuff and preparing for what wizarding school might be like

After graduating Hogwarts, Jake opted not to try for a career in professional Quidditch, as many expected of him, but instead went to volunteer on a dragon reserve while he weighed up his options. It was here that his first serious girlfriend, Neptune Bott, broke up with him via owl; his first major heartbreak. Jake’s adoptive father was, at the time, a band manager, and so Jake opted to go on tour with him and his band, and complete his studies in Wandlore via night classes and internships, but it soon became clear that Jake could deal with neither the lifestyle nor the course of study. He switched to a degree in History of Magic, and went to live on campus, eventually graduating after four years. While at university, he dabbled in tutoring as a means of earning some extra galleons.

From university, Jake went on to undertake Auror training, before applying to the British Ministry of Magic. He was employed as a Hit Wizard, but only lasted a few years before becoming disillusioned with the job. He decided he wanted to be the kind of person who intervened with troubled individuals before they needed to be arrested, and so, once he earned enough money to keep him going, he quit his job and returned to university as a mature student, this time to study Primary and Secondary Education. It was Jake’s plan to become a private tutor and mentor for troubled and at-risk young witches and wizards, particularly those who may have been expelled from school.

However, Jake’s plans were soon to change again, when his sort-of-girlfriend (and old schoolmate), Becca Parker, informed him that she was pregnant with his child. At the time, Jake was 31 and had one year of his university course left, but when it was discovered that Becca was due to have twins, Jake realised that he would need to return to his previous - and incredibly well-paying - job as a Hit Wizard in order to help support the four of them. He did so, putting his other plans to the wayside for the time-being. The twins were born in 2088, and Jake was instantly devoted to them, determined to give them a good live. He fell further and further in love with Becca, who later gave birth to a third child in 2090. Jake and Becca finally eloped a month later.

But Jake’s happy life was interrupted when, in 2091, he was approached by a member of the Toussaint family, and was informed that they were looking after a boy who had been expelled from Hogwarts, and who was possibly Jake’s biological son. DNA tests confirmed that Jake was the father of Daxton Prince, who was then 15 years old, but when he went to meet the boy, Daxton made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Jake.

Jake was heartbroken, as he had wanted to have children for years without ever knowing he already had a son, and now that son had rejected him. He was, however, newly motivated in his goal to help troubled youth, especially after seeing exactly the state his own son had fallen into in his absence, and feeling ultimately responsible. Alongside his job as a Hit Wizard, Jake also works with young wizards and witches identified as being at-risk, or who are involved in the care system, and works with them as a mentor as his second job.

auror training, applying to be auror, joining ministry as hit wizard. disillusioned about life in the MLE, applied to go back to university. completed teaching degree, started tutoring troubled kids not suited to boarding school or had been kicked out etc, but then surprise children. went back to MLE as a hit wizard cause has family and needs money. also another surprise kid.