Jalo Cooké

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Full Name:

Jalo Gingerbald Samuli Cooké


Gingy, Gingerbread Cookie, Cookie Manster

Date of Birth:

13 January 2072

Blood Status:



163 cm (5'4")

Jalo Gingerbald Samuli Cooké is a Finnish-born wizard who graduated from Durmstrang Institute. He plays for the Karasjok Kites after serving on the U17 Norwegian team as a Beater. With a consistent reputation on being a Cookie Manster.

Jalo was born on the 13th of January in 2072 according to official documents. Raised in an orphanage since a very young age, Jalo has no recollection of his bith parents. The earliest memory he retains is walking up to the doorstep with torn clothing, blanket and a half-eaten gingerbread cookie he found. For most of his childhood he collected many cookies in hopes on finding some clue on his parents, which led to his choice for the name Gingerbald Cooké (pronounced Gin-jer-balld Coo-kee).

This changed when he was visited by the Durmstrang Institute staff and headmaster who insisted he leave his childish toys behind where he was promised to transfer into a proper man. Unaware of his magical abilities until mentioned, Jalo began to realise the times he managed to get a cookie even when denied one made sense. After packing, he went with his caretaker to shop for his school supplies and more important his first wand.

Jalo can be described by others to be elusive. A mystery in his own right. While not shy, he is far from one willing to put himself out without a valid reason. He takes comfort in his own space without ever forming a protective bubble. When Jalo takes an interest in something, they will know. When he has lost interest in something, they are the last person to know. This could support his placement in the house of Ucilena.

Son of Durmstrang

Once school began, Jalo boarded the ship that took him through the cold climates into the Durmstrang grounds where he was led inside with many other first years like himself. He was sorted into Ucilena house and then began attending classes doing quite excellent. He offered help to those who asked in exchange for money or cookies preferrably. It was his first choice of income before he started accepting galleons as well.

Each summer until his fourth year Jalo would spend it back at the orphanage. He began acquainted with a nice family who seemed to like him as well during his third year. It took many months and trials before the adoption was finalised. they were fine with him keeping the surname, but insisted on a new first name which was relunctantly accepted. To many others however, he was still 'Gingy'.

Fifth year: 2087-88

During his fifth year, Jalo decided to go for a new mature look. Over the summer he worked on his physique and started to train for the school's combat team. He failed the tryouts, but still worked on himself in between his baking. In addition, he cut off his long red hair locks as soon as his facial hair started growing in. He began preparations for his examinations, joining study groups to excel with his lessons.

Sixth year: 2088-89

In his sixth year, Jalo was slightly disappointed on the lack of Combat Team events, but decided to sign up for the team for extra mental stimulation. He garnered some attention and interest in one of the lady prefects. Jalo did not make the team, but in a swift moment he was accepted on to the U17 Norwegian team as a Beater. His distractions from said team settled him away from school here and there with the exception of cookie making. Finishing the year just as successful, he spent some time at home with his family before training for the Youth Event against Ireland's U17. He was ready as ever.

During the summer following his sixth year Jalo skipped over Combat Camp for the upcoming match in Britain. Despite their team failing to grab all three snitches, they earned enough points scoring to still win the match as Jalo served as a beater helping stop the opposing team from scoring all the time. He managed to eat cookies while flying as well, something that didn't go by un noticed by the other adults watching. The after party was good as he made enough cookies for the winning team. It would unfortunately be his last match before turning 18 in the new year.

Seventh year: 2089-90

Before the summer drew to a close Jalo went out with Ariana Bellaire to a nice resturant. After sharing their summers they talked a little, only a little before sharing a kiss. And many more. He was liking how pleasant the start of the year would be turning out.

His time at Durmstrang was considerably short through the eyes of an outsider who neglected to see Jalo around after arriving on campus. He was there. Baking cookies in the background before he was offered a signing contract with the Karasjok Kites. He accepted the offer, though had some regrets in abandoning his final term of education so soon. But all was done as he left others a final offer of recognition and contact, his basket of gingerbread cookies.

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