Jasper Marshall Somerhalder was born on April 15th, 2059 to Nathanial and Celina Somerhalder. He is the second eldest child of four. He has two brothers and one younger sister. Jasper's parents both work at the Ministry of Magic and have built a strong name for them and their children. Late August of 2075, Jasper's parents split up after a couple of years of Jasper's father cheating on his mother. Celina wasnted to know for sure that her husband was truely cheating on her so Jasper and his siblings had not found out for two whole years. Jasper is currently in a relationship with Caroline Scott and they're expecting.

Mr. Somerhalder started off in Beauxbations for his first year of Wizarding schooling. He stayed there until the middle of his third year. He then transfered to a private Wizarding school in America because his mother had some business for her job in the States.


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